30 days at sea, in 10 minutes

YouTube user JeffHK is a navigation officer aboard a container vessel.  He’s posted a very-high-resolution 4K video of a 30-day voyage from the Red Sea to Hong Kong, via Sri Lanka and Singapore.  He used time-lapse photography to condense everything into a mere 10 minutes.

That’s a pretty amazing record of a voyage like that.  More, please!



  1. That was… rejuvenating, somehow. The sun and the stars and sea, the clouds and ships at night and the spiral arms, swirling, switching. Thanks.

  2. I'm a navy reservist, so the likelihood of getting ship duty is basically nil. I would take it in a heartbeat if offered and this video partly illustrates why. OTOH, I'm 6'7", so may be it's better I don't go to sea, lol.

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