A 235-foot trailer, 14 feet wide, weighing 152 tons

A heavy hauling company was recently asked to deliver a mammoth toll bridge gantry in Florida.  It was quite the effort!  Here’s a video of the proceedings.

I wonder how many cops and other specialist personnel were involved in that trip, from start to finish?  I’m betting it ran well into double figures – and I’d love to know what the towing company charged!  I suspect it’ll take a few months of tolls to pay the bill.



  1. When I was in Victorville, CA I would regularly see some very impressive loads and the weird trailers designed to carry them. As Southern California Logistics Airport (the old George AFB, still owned by the USAF) is in the area, many of the loads were hidden under tarps. I think the longest I saw was 213'. Many looked like they were very heavy due to the multiple dual bogie wheels along the length of the trailers.

    I often wondered the engineering involved to carry a load of several hundred tons but not exceed the weight bearing capacity of the road bed.

  2. I'm curious why they didn't convey it to the site in pieces and then unite them there. Would the overall operation, from start of construction to installation, have worked out less efficient that way?

    Rick, your point about custom-designed transport rigs is interesting. I don't suppose this particular trailer setup was a one-off, as it looks like it could be handy to carry a number of really long, not-overly-heavy objects. If the highway authority is converting over many of its toll booths to this sort of automated operation, they'll have occasion to use this several more times at least.

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