A big “Thank you!” to those who supported Wil Caligan’s fundraiser

Last week I asked for your support for a fundraiser for Wil Caligan, a graphic artist who ran afoul of SJW thought police and found his professional future imperiled.  You responded with great generosity, as did others.  By the time the one-week fundraiser ended, on Monday morning, Wil’s fundraiser had raised no less than $59,046.  Since the initial baseline appeal had been for just $7,500, that represents an oversubscription of no less than 787%!  Well done, everyone, and thank you very much!

With all its stretch goals fulfilled, the fundraiser will now pay for Wil to draw three complete graphic novels, in up to 24 distinct full-color comic-book segments.  Backers will vote on which books they want to see in graphic novel format.  I think we’ll see the first within six months or so, judging by what I’m hearing, although that’s subject to confirmation.

Thanks again to all of you who responded to this appeal.  I’m looking forward to seeing its fruits in print soon.


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