A bit wobbly, perhaps, but ingenious!

I had to laugh when I saw this photograph on Gab:

I can just see some poor tractor driver deciding that he’s going to keep the rain and dust out, no matter what!  I’m not sure about tight turns, though.  That cab’s got to be delicately balanced in position.  Turn too sharply, and a support might shear, and dump the occupants and the cab in the dirt.  As for practicality . . . well, one can’t have it all!



  1. A classic example of Redneck Engineering. The highestxsuch example I ever saw was a 1946 Chevy pickup. A genius had fitted into it the engine, battery, and power train from a 2003 Prius.

  2. I knew somebody who bought a "car" which consisted of the back half of an original VW Bug with a motorcycle front. Fully enclosed from the elements. Included shag carpeted interior, and a sound system.

    We named it Road Kill.

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