A black radical puts whites in their place . . .

. . . or so he thinks.  Here’s an excerpt.

What I propose will certainly have most white/cisgender/heterosexuals who practice bigotry (or do not believe they practice bigotry even when they do) up in their outrageous feelings because they have become accustomed to our worship, rely on our fealty, and receive sustenance from our sacrifice. They want us as Django Unchained’s Stephen, infinitely and perpetually servile, or as the punchline to their malicious humor, laughing along with them.

Our indifference to their well-being is the only thing that terrifies them.


If you see them drowning.

If you see them in a burning building.

If they are teetering on the edge of a cliff.

If their ships are sinking.

If their planes are crashing.

If their cars are skidding.

If they are overdosing.

If their hearts have tellingly arrested.

If they are choking in a restaurant.

If they are bleeding out in an emergency room.

If the ground is crumbling beneath them.

If they are in a park and they turn their weapons on each other:

Do nothing.

Least of all put your life on the line for theirs, and do not dare think doing so, putting your life on the line for theirs, gives you reason or cause to feel celestial.

Saving the life of those that would kill you is the opposite of virtuous.

Let. Them. F***ing. Die.

And smile a bit when you do.

For you have done the universe a great service.

Ashes to ashes.

Dust to bigots.

There’s more at the link.

I do strongly recommend reading the article in full.  I’m pleased that such attitudes are openly expressed like this.  It allows the rest of us to know who our enemies are.

If you know, or encounter, people who approve of such sentiments, or express them . . . make a mental note, and – in the event of social unrest – take appropriate precautions against them.



  1. I read the whole thing. Very disturbing lunch fodder. Written by a lazy jackass who blames the world for the problems he's probably brought on himself because he sees himself as a victim, therefore nothing can be his fault.

    This fanatic has a goodly number of followers.

    Addendum: It's somewhat difficult to place comments here – my middle-aged presbyopic and astigmatic eyes ain't so good anymore.

  2. “Our indifference to their well-being is the only thing that terrifies them”

    No, your indifference does not cause me any fear.

    If you would stand by and let another person suffer and/or die because they are different from you, then I do not fear you. Your inaction may actually be beneficial. It is better to have someone who knows what they are doing, cares about what they are doing, and does not judge anyone based on what they think they see helping the distressed. Someone who lets their prejudices influence how they treat people would cause more harm than good. So, please stand back. Smile if it makes you feel superior. But all you are really doing is telling me what kind of person you really are.

    I read the original post and some of the comments. There are some very angry, hate-filled people there. I found it very interesting that when someone asked this person to answer a question, he said they were being bigots for asking, that they should know the answers. One woman asked if he thought a woman, any woman, should follow this advice. He tells her that a white woman should be asking that question. Another person asked who he would know that they were gay and half black, if they were unconscious. He never answered that question; instead he insults her for not understanding his rambling diatribe.

    Such a sad, bitter, man. I feel sorry for him.

  3. I'm not terribly fond of bigots myself and, while I doubt I could bring myself to let one die, if I saw one suffering some relatively minor schadenfreude, I would probably chuckle and go about my business.

    But, it does beg the question; how do you recognize a bigot? If, for example, you strolled past a burning building, which ones do you rescue and which do you leave to smolder?

    How am I meant to distinguish the bigoted from the non bigoted on a moment's notice, without opportunity for social interaction?

    It seems this manifesto suggests that, rather than talking to them, I should make a decision solely based on the color of their skin. That seems rather… well, less than unbiased.

    Perhaps, if I ever encounter Mr. Baldwin teetering, drowning, or choking, after assisting him to safety he could explain to me the errors in my logic and ethics.

  4. It would be interesting if someone of the white persuasion stated these exact thoughts. How quickly the world would scream bloody murder and call for the death of the author.

    Wait a minute…

    If we apply these rules to the black population, denying them essential medical care for all of their issues such as sickle cell, higher rates of heart issues, higher rates of diabetes, higher incidents of alcoholism, most likely to be shot or overdose, then, sickeningly, in one generation the Black Population as it stands in the USA would be diminished to a non-issue. What black people? Where? Oh, I saw one in a museum…

    We wouldn't have to actively attack them, just deny all of the fundamentally 'white' privileges to them.

    No. I do not believe this way. We should offer to help our fellow man. If he is too stupid to take help, well, that is different.

    I grew up not knowing the difference between the races other than color of skin and hair, different eyes, etc. As an adult, I had bigotry and racism thrust upon me by blacks. No service in a 'black' restaurant. Being ignored in predominately black stores. Being yelled at for helping a black friend in a black neighborhood. Being attacked by blacks for being white.

    Screw them (the bigoted, racist blacks and others.)

    I am willing to engage with adults. But, being in a liberal college town, adults are sure hard to find.

  5. What's the line? For evil to prevail, the good merely do nothing?
    Fat lot of good that.
    Sure, let "Nature take its course."
    Nature up close is a brutal thing indeed. Does he *really* want that?
    For it works both ways.
    "Screw you (over)" is "screw me (over)."
    Behavior is not like a diode: it is NOT only one way.

  6. The AA population of the United States, defined as descendants of African people brought to America prior to 1865, will be statistically extinct in this century; replaced by foreigners and Blacks from other cultures. We bigots will remain the majority population for the next 200 years even if trends don't change. Good luck AA man.

  7. Ref your "correspondent's" admonition to "let them die": am I the only reader who noticed the juxtaposition of this blog post, to the post citing a projected 10 000 opiate overdose deaths IN OHIO ALONE in 2017? Hmmm.

  8. The cited post is typical of why I no longer read anything from Medium. My Tourette's does NOT require exacerbation.

  9. As Andrew mentioned, what would his response be if other 'peoples' (non-blacks) did the same back to him? I bet he would howl and insist that it is his right to get help from others he would deny his help to.
    This and other articles I have read seem to say that blacks overestimate their numbers, power, and influence in the US – they are 14% of the population, and in terms of political power and numbers only a factor in (some) cities, but to read some activist's writings they are half the country and a huge force everywhere. It doesn't add up, and even more to the point (to reference another recent article), what do the people taking this position add to the country? I see demands for money and attention, plus LOTS of crime and social problems but very little positive; the rare exceptions, like Ben Carson, are ostracized and attacked as 'non black' on the assumption that only a liberal can truly be black.

  10. The problem is that people are dependent on the same system they want to destroy. It's like a rebellious teenager hating their parents, but not realizing how much is provided for them. If the "system" was as "evil" as the writer suggested, he probably wouldn't have the platform to spread his bigotry.

  11. It's the 80% like this guy who make the 20% of decent blacks look bad.
    Where to find racism? In the black community. Blacks hate everybody who isn't black, and they loathe the Jews.

    I wasn't a racist man until I made the mistake of living in a black/immigrant neighborhood. I was taught the error of my ways there. I was 'dat white debil', except when they wanted me to kill a snake, or scare off a black from a different neighborhood who was breaking into cars.

    The civil war is looming. Your skin is your uniform. Your faith is your flag. Don't believe me? Ask our enemies, those who wish us dead.

  12. So he's suggesting 13% of the US population refuse to provide assistance to the other 87%? Suppose that were reciprocated? If you're not African American, that means that for every individual who won't help because of race there are 12 who will!

    I'm not sure if he's innumerate or just over estimating the African American population. I've seen studies that show that since we live in bubbles, we overestimate the percentage of the population like us.

  13. "Let them fXXXing die" isn't a million miles away from "kill them all". I think we know what side of the fence this fascist is on.

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