A brief road trip

Miss D. and I are in Birmingham, Alabama tonight, visiting Joe, our favorite gunsmith.  Joe’s been working on a few guns for me, and I wanted to pick them up before we left for Texas.  He’ll hold on to a couple more firearms for extended modifications, and we’ll pick them up during Blogorado in October this year.

The three-hour ride down from Nashville was pleasant enough, but driving through busy Nashville and Birmingham streets has convinced me yet again (not that I needed confirmation) that I’m just not happy any more in a big city.  There are too many people, too much traffic, and too much overcrowding.  I need wider, more open spaces where a man can see the horizons miles away, smell air that isn’t a turgidly blended soup of vehicle exhausts, sweaty human bodies and sundry city fumes, and hear the birds sing without having to filter out the sounds of passing traffic.  Our Texas move can’t happen too soon for me.

I’ll try to put up a post or two before we return to Nashville in the morning.  Meanwhile, sleep well, y’all.  I’m off to do the same.



  1. I left the Nashville area in June of '92 and haven't looked back. I worked at TDOT office in the Metrocenter at the time and came to hate Nashville. The daily grind of going through the I65/24 split had simply become hateful for me.

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