A Briton’s perspective on America’s turmoil


Paul Weston has been a prolific commenter for several years on conservative causes via articles, videos and other sources.  I often don’t agree with his relatively far-right-wing perspectives, but he does build his case on rational argument that can be debated – something many with extreme views, on both the right and the left of politics, all too often fail to do.

In a recent video, from the transcript of which the comments below are drawn, Mr. Weston looks at our current electoral imbroglio and offers this perspective.  In this case, I fear he’s more right than wrong.  Bold, underlined text is my emphasis.

If this gross subversion of democracy is not dealt with in a satisfactory manner by the lawyers then I see no reason, no reason at all why America should not descend into violence and potential civil war in the worst case scenario, or simply lose all confidence in any future elections as a best case scenario — which can only and inexorably lead to the worse case scenario again.

Young, left-wing Americans will consider such a viewpoint insane, but young left-wing Americans know little of the brutality of the non-democratic parts of the world and little about just why that brutality never encroached upon their decadent lives.

They know nothing about Nazism, fascism, socialism or Communism. Indeed, they believe President Trump and the people who admire and respect Trump are Nazis and fascists all, whilst they believe socialism and communism to be pure and good. This type of brainwashed ignorance is extraordinarily dangerous in a people of any country because no matter their ignorance and no matter how wrong they are, they truly believe they are standing up for what is good, for what is right and for what is moral. And because they feel that they, and they alone hold the moral high ground, then all who oppose them are not just wrong, they are evil and when it comes to evil and the defeat of evil, then the ends justify the means — just as so many people amongst so many previous generations have similarly believed which is why the history book of the world is a history book of war, horror and atrocity.

. . .

In their hazy, fuddled, naïve, closed minded thinking they feel there will be no real world consequences resulting from their action, but their naïveté is dangerously unlike the pragmatism of revolutionaries in the brutal and undemocratic parts of the world who know full well that if they fail in their coup they will be killed and if they win they will do the killing.

Destroying the democratic foundations of America will certainly have real world consequences. When Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016 the far-left cried Russian collusion and displayed their visceral hatred across the entire left-wing spectrum, but their anger wasn’t based on the undermining of democracy; their anger was merely that of the petulant, spoiled child denied a shiny bauble. Their anger was lukewarm, false, unjustifiable. Their anger was mere political posturing and they now think the anger of Trump supporters is the same — mere political posturing.

But how wrong they are. How dangerously wrong they are. The anger of Trump’s supporters is white hot, it is incendiary, it is real and it is entirely, eminently justifiable, and it is not the anger of the loser, it is the anger of the wronged and is about so much more than Trump, this is about the democratic future of the United States of America. When a country reaches the point of such legal corruption and such moral degeneracy that democracy can be overturned in full view of a complicit and unquestioning media and liberal establishment there is very little guarantee that democracy will ever recover. This is why the anger is at boiling point, and even now, the left cannot understand what they have done.

. . .

The trouble with the left-wing, especially the young and cossetted who have never experienced the horrors of war, is that they don’t understand … the importance of democracy and thus they cannot appreciate the volcanic anger amongst those who would peacefully yet unhappily accept a fair political defeat, but who will never accept defeat if it comes from the grinding jackboot of a subverted democracy.

. . .

I don’t need to spell out the numbers of Americans with guns, but I do need, apparently, to point out that the anger of millions of armed Americans is being stoked to stratospherically dangerous levels and that these angry people are justifiably enraged. Many of you watching this video will hear my words resonate with your thoughts, and many supporters of the 2nd Amendment will right now be saying that the main, overriding reason for the 2nd Amendment is not to shoot deer but to defend America against a tyrannical government. Perhaps now is a good moment to say that in times of war our dead soldiers are always politely remembered for having died in the defence of democracy, but the dying part was never their intention. Their intention was to very impolitely kill the aggressors who wanted to impose a tyranny upon them and here we are today, in late 2020, looking at a scenario which consists of a tyrannical coup d’état in the face of a hundred million armed and angry Americans who are convinced their democratic rights have been trampled upon and subverted.

I hope and pray this will be resolved by the legal process, but I implore the Democrats, the left-wingers, the socialists and the communists to stop pretending what you have done is acceptable. It is not, and the consequences could be catastrophic both for you, for America and for the world.

There’s more at the link.

The only thing I’d add to Mr. Weston’s comments is that this doesn’t only concern President Trump’s supporters.  Let me be clear:  I don’t like President Trump’s apparent personality, or the way he expresses himself (for heaven’s sake, can’t someone stop him posting inanities on Twitter?).  Nevertheless, I think his policies have been, on the whole, good for America – better, in fact, than those of the past several Presidents.  I support him, not because he’s Republican, or because he’s Trump, but for that specific reason.  I am not a Republican, or a Democrat, or extreme right-wing, or extreme left-wing, in my politics.  I guess I’m a conservative centrist, if anything.  The term “classical Liberal” might describe me.  I vote for the person, not the party;  and the person I vote for has to support (and implement) policies that I think are good for this country, as I see it.  President Trump happens to be the best available option at the present time.  If there were a better one, I’d vote for him or her, irrespective of their political party.

I think many of those outraged by the shenanigans exposed in the 2020 Presidential election are in the same position.  We aren’t Republicans.  We aren’t hard-line conservatives.  What we are is Americans who support the vision of our Founding Fathers;  who value the constitution as the bedrock of our nation;  and who refuse to be overwhelmed by artificially (and sometimes illegally) engineered elections steamrollered by billionaires who don’t share our loyalty to our country.  It’s the latter that makes us so angry.  This is our country, and we won’t allow it to be stolen from us.  If our opponents want to make the same claim, there’s a simple litmus test:  what have they done, what have they sacrificed, to serve our country?  If the answer’s “nothing”, then I think they’ve surrendered any claim they may have had on this nation.

If the left had won this election by legal and above-board means, we’d have accepted that as the will of the people.  I certainly would have.  However, the attempted theft of this election by the progressive left, so abundantly demonstrated in recent weeks, will not be allowed to stand.  That’s our bottom line.  One way or another, it must and will be stopped – and that’s why Mr. Weston’s warnings may become grim reality.

As Aesop puts it:

None of this [electoral fraud] has been “debunked’, no matter how many times the lying sonsofbitches at Communist News Network et al keep repeating The Big Lie, and trying to gaslight the entire country on the real score, when they talk about it at all.

Because there is no explanation, except to acknowledge that election fraud and stealing, not on an Industrial Age scale, but on an Information Age scale, took place in plain sight on Election Night, and for days afterwards, cheered on and abetted by an anti-Trump and pro-communist media, exactly as described by the president, and just as anyone with two brain cells has seen with their own lying eyes.

People were willing to shoot federal agents over one old thieving geezer’s range land grazing fee thefts in Nevada. They were one wonky trigger spring from opening the ball, and that was years ago.

Everybody that thinks 70M people now – who know in their bones they’ve been cheated of a landslide election victory – are going to roll over for wholesale presidential election theft, and do nothing, signify that by standing on your head.

So let’s forget that line of appeasement horses***, and get down to the hog-killin’.




  1. You said, "President Trump happens to be the best available option at the present time. If there were a better one, I'd vote for him or her, irrespective of their political party." I wouldn't. I DO NOT TRUST the Democrat Party.

  2. I'm with Sam L here.

    I used to be one of those "…vote for him or her, irrespective of their political party." but not any more. The Democrats have lost me irretrievably – (and I used to be a registered "yellow dog" Democrat.) – and, knowing that in today's world, any vote for a third party is essentially a vote for the Democrat, for the first time ever, I checked the "Straight Republican ticket" box on my ballot.

    One thing to add: Peter, you stated: – "If our opponents want to make the same claim, there's a simple litmus test: what have they done, what have they sacrificed, to serve our country? If the answer's "nothing", then I think they've surrendered any claim they may have had on this nation."

    That begs the question: What, exactly, to you, constitutes a service or "sacrifice" for this country?

    You need to answer that question before anyone can take you seriously in that respect.

  3. @Roy: Service or sacrifice for this country? I'd count military and law enforcement service, fire or EMS service, volunteering to assist during natural disasters, etc. as primary options. (In case you're wondering, I rendered law enforcement service as a prison chaplain.)

    There are many ways apart from that. Many careers are in service to others: teaching, nursing, etc. That's also serving one's country in a narrower sphere.

    Then there are those who live hedonistically, taking whatever they can get, and giving back nothing. Service? Not so much.

  4. What we are is Americans who support the vision of our Founding Fathers; who value the constitution as the bedrock of our nation;
    Peter, this makes you a hard line conservative in today's world.

  5. Having professional full-time military and police officers is part of the problem. We have too many people for whom an issue is someone else's problem and the law pushes that narrative. A government for the people and by the people requires greater civic involvement than we see. I belonged to one volunteer organization that the local county pushed out so that professionals could take charge. I belong to two other volunteer organizations (quite professional with extensive training) and I see a lack of young volunteers. We need more civic participation by citizens and less full time professional civil servants. Most civil servants are good or at least neutral people working within a system. If citizens had more participation and more influence, these structures would be very different. We no longer have a government of the people and by the people, so of course it is not for the people.

    1. "Having professional full-time military and police officers is part of the problem."

      Of course, fighting wars and answering domestic disturbance calls are the areas in which we need to get rid of the trained and experienced professionals and just darned well get more part time folks who's full time professions involve hanging sheet rock or making sure that the office in Newark meets the projected first quarter earnings in there.

      "Most civil servants are good or at least neutral people working within a system. If citizens had more participation and more influence, these structures would be very different. We no longer have a government of the people and by the people, so of course it is not for the people."

      I sure hate it for the young Spec4 in Iraq that he's been excluded from "the people" by His Excellence Xoph.

      I'd like to believe that you are trying to appeal for more citizens to become personally involved in the business of our nation, but are just linguistically awkward. Volunteerism and personal involvement are key to an informed and invested population, but it has practical limits- just like I'm sure you don't want Bob from down at the quick-stop doing your colonoscopy. Otherwise, your disdain for "professional full time" "civil servants" does nothing but betray your naivete.

  6. Personally, I believe that Trump is for Trump, but he apparently decided that it was in his best interest to have a strong and wealthy America.
    I shall never again vote for any Democrat candidate as no matter how noble and capable an individual might be on their own they in fact are not alone, to get to the point of being on a ballot they would have to have made obeisance to the Dem powers that be. And a vote for that person would mean I condone the criminal malfeasance that has become part and parcel of the Democratic platform.
    Not much more confident in your run of the mill Republican, as party loyalty seems almost as much required in their camp. One of the positives about Trump, at least to me, was just how much he aggravated their movers and shakers as well.
    But here in Alabama we voted 60/40 for Trump and a similar ratio to throw out a thieving Democratic Senator in favor of an old retired football coach. There were in fact only four positions on our ballot this time around with a Democratic challenger, this in a state that when I came here in 1984 was the epitome of the "Solid South" with few if any Republicans in office.

  7. Democracy: Two Wolves and One Sheep, voting on what to eat for dinner.

    Republic: One Well Armed Sheep, inviting Two Wolves to eat all the grass they want.

    The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic. By the Articles of the Bill of Rights, Article 9, Article 10 preserve the power of the Citizens to run the country, Article 2 preserves the individual power to enforce Articles 9 & 10, at the will of the Citizens.

    The entire Constitution is written to LIMIT powers granted by the Citizens to Government. Powers granted by the owners can be removed by the owners, pursuant to the Constitution.

    The time has come to remind those in government who owns the Country, and that they can be removed from the job as the Citizens see fit.

  8. Start with the media, we all live near one or two of them, punish them for their treason.

    Then go on to punish the democrat politicians and the republican politicians who stabbed America and our Representative Republic in the back.

    Punish them in any way you can manage.

  9. Unless the DNC, their overlords and minions are rooted out and prosecuted for their treasonous election fraud, collectively "We the People " will get the Republic we deserve…it wont be a SOVERIEGN one !

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