1. steps tonclean the Loo….
    1. Put pet shampoo in toilet.
    2. Pick up cat, using a sing-song voice is o lull it…
    3. Walk into bathroom. Quickly drop cat in bowl and slam lid, standing on it if necessary.
    4. Ignore screams from bowl, flush several times. This is the "power-mad and tinge" stage…
    5. Be sure front door is open, and no one is in way.
    6. Get out of way and open lid. Cat will run out side and dry itself. Bowl and cat will be sparkling clean.
    Your milage may vary….

  2. OK, not a cat owner, but I've seen photos like this before, and I have to ask:

    What happens if you turn the faucet on?

  3. Raving Prophet, it depends on the cat. I had one that would just glare at you, then take his wet self to your bed, or an upholstered chair, to dry off. The current cat acted like a demon touched with Holy Water and never got into the sink again.


  4. Raving Prophet, I had a cat that used to nest in the bowl like that. When you turned on the water he'd give you a grateful look and start drinking from the stream.

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