A cut above (literally) – at just $40,000!

Boy, have I got a pocket-knife for you!

It’s the Spearpoint Chief model from William Henry.  The price (yes, it costs $40,000!) is mind-boggling – but, for the economy-minded, it comes with free shipping.

Clearly, that knife is designed for people with more money than sense – and who never, ever plan to use it for a pocket-knife’s intended purpose!  I would never buy something like that, just as I never buy “safe queen” guns for collecting purposes.  I buy tools to use them.  Even if I bought a finely engraved, “work-of-art” gun or knife, it would get used.

Clearly, I’m more artisan than artist.  I must lack a certain aesthetic sensitivity . . . but I’m too old and set in my ways to change now, so I don’t care.



  1. The price of that knife reminds me of something my Dad said once: "You can have more money than brains, but not for long."

  2. I fail to see the appeal. Especially for 40,000 dollars. It looks like something out of the BudK Catalog. An indian and a wolf? I guess the turquoise and eagle are on the other side.

  3. That's maybe $1K worth of artisan work, and $39K of mark-up for stupid people with cash.

    "There's a sucker born every minute." – Phineas Taylor Barnum, 19th C. enterpreneur

  4. Agreed the particular knife verges on silly. The company has made some fine using knives at affordable – if more than necessary to buy a fine using knife – prices and Ross Seyfried wrote up one of those as a remarkably fine knife while he was still at Elk Song.

    Be terrible to have one like that confiscated as a switchblade in New York City so I guess I'll never own any such thing.

  5. To make art is its own reward…it has value in itself. I see an aesthetic value, not a monetary value….cause you aint gettin' my $40k

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