A dependent society is a dystopian, Orwellian society

That appears to be the core of Aaron Clarey’s argument in an article on his blog.  It’s depressing, to say the least, yet the evidence of it is all around us.  It’s more predominant in many European nations, and in larger US cities, than it is in more rural, self-reliant areas;  yet its impact is undeniable.  I’ve personally witnessed it as a pastor in many inner-city areas of our nation.

Here’s what I think is the core of Mr. Clarey’s case.  As I said, it’s depressing:  but I’ve always found the first step towards addressing – and perhaps changing – reality is to confront it head-on.

Big is beautiful.  “Acting white.”  Redefining art to be minimalist crap.  Plus size models at Target.  The elimination of the honor role and valedictorians.  Tattoos, piercings, gauges, and other body mutilations as a substitute to hit the gym.  And that says nothing of the rapid and pathetic arms race of victim whoring, claiming you’re disabled or disadvantaged in today’s world.  “White privilege.”  “Male privilege.”  “Institutional racism.”  “31 flavors of gender.”  “3 in 1 women are raped on college campuses every 4 seconds.”  “The wage gap.” “ADHD/Autism/Bi-Polar.” Etc. etc.  This is the mental, political, and sociological insanity we normal, producing people are suffering today as the lazy and parasitic in our society try to redefine reality to their liking.  It’s just going to be turned up to 13 in the future theoretical roboticized economy.

But maddening as this is, it’s still not the worst to come.  Because if you look at society today and the entities that will likely be the vehicles by which entertainment will be deliver to society, an incredibly dangerous storm is brewing.

First, with the K-college education industry you have a purposed, well-financed, and consciously orchestrated attempt to brainwash people into socialism.  You can claim it’s conspiracy theory and that Alex Jones and I have been drinking too much Listerine, but it’s true.  People are conditioned from 5 years old to be socialists and are inherently biased to the left.

Second, today’s gatekeepers of social media are also biased to the left.  Google/YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, etc., are all rank leftist, Silicon Valley organizations, some of which have viral and hate-filled leftist SJW elements and people within them.  They will/have channel, throttle, censor, edit, and control any human-created entertainment both now and into the future.  Perhaps not even consciously, and under a somewhat noble intention to allow for free speech, much like today’s MSM, they are inherently biased to the left and cannot do anything to control for it.

Finally, the majority of people by definition are just rank sheep, followers, conformists, and obeyers.  They do not have the intellectual independence or mental strength to resist the brainwashing they receive.  This is why you have “America’s smartest people” (that would be college students) all PAINFULLY thinking the same, voting the same, and spewing the same leftist opinions.  They will not be able to resist the indoctrination they receive from kindergarten through college and they will not be aware that the Thought Police of Social Media will govern what future thoughts and opinions they’ll be allowed to have in the future.

You combine these three things together and you have an Orwellian tyranny in under a century.  The majority of people are just not smart enough to resist the brainwashing they currently and will receive in the future.  Most are also just too damn lazy to want to pursue excellence in life.  And when you realize nearly all entertainment (both today and in the future) will be filtered through an entertainment singularity that is controlled and regulated by organizations that have a huge leftist bias, the fact we’re a democracy will condemn us down a AI economy road to intellectual serfdom.

The sad thing is that much of this is already happening today.  We don’t have to wait until the robots take over and produce all our material wants and desires.  Technology has advanced enough to the point we can entertain concepts like “Basic Guaranteed Income” and already have an effective prototype “cradle to grave” government program.  This economic largess (be it in the form of a government check or daddy cutting a check for his “precious little princess”) has allowed for many phenomena of an AI economy/Entertainment Singularity to become reality today.

An increasing number of youth actually try (and some succeed) in making their living on social media.  Nearly everybody’s social media feed is chock full of politics, religion, crusades and causes to mask their relatively productionless lives.  Most people mock Christianity, but have replaced it with going “organic” or being an “environmentalist” like they were programmed to.  I needn’t highlight how the dregs of society are desperately trying to make ugly beautiful, fat thin, poverty success, wealth bad, parasitism moral, etc.

There’s more at the link.  Thought-provoking reading.

All right.  Let’s assume Mr. Clarey’s forecasts are correct, if nothing is done about them.  The question then becomes:  what can we do about them?  I submit that we all need to be looking for ways to make a difference in these elements in our own neighborhoods.  Start small, and grow from there.  Begin preaching and living greater self-reliance, and less dependence on “Big Brother” and other “do-it-for-me” organizations, groups and philosophies.  We won’t be able to reach the “masses” that way:  but we’ll reach those among whom we live.  If we find we can’t reach enough of them, maybe it’s time to consider deliberately grouping ourselves into communities where we can live in a more independent, more self-reliant way.

I shudder at the thought of living in a society that’s ever more dependent for income, happiness, and everything else on a nebulous, shapeless, formless “Big Brother”.  Dependency leads to dystopia.  As President Ford famously warned, “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.”

I’d like to close with another quotation by President Ford, which seems particularly apposite in this era of anti-Trump hysteria (particularly on the part of the Democratic Party), and the antics of teenage wannabe saviors such as David Hogg and Emma Gonz├ílez, who might be said to epitomize many of Mr. Clarey’s warnings above.

The political lesson of Watergate is this: Never again must America allow an arrogant, elite guard of political adolescents to by-pass the regular party organization and dictate the terms of a national election.

In the light of Mr. Clarey’s comments, that sounds eerily prescient, doesn’t it?



  1. Hey Peter;

    this is heady stuff, it is what I have been seeing the past 20+ years, I saw it when the advent of Bill Clinton, the "New Red Guard", the ones that totally dismissed the old ways and that the new ways will bring equality to all. The process accelerated during the GWOT and really came into its own during Presidents Obama administration. You can't criticize certain people or certain things or you are "Racist, homophobic or a bunch of other buzz words.". The end results is that you have several generations that hate Western Society and in my mind will not fight for it and they hope for the West and the United States in particular to be humbled a"atonement" for past sins. They don't realize that the Chinese or Islam will view them as "useful idiots" and they will go to the reeducation camps like the rest of us. The process also includes making people dependent on the government and those that depend on government will do whatever the government wants including losing their freedom for the illusion of security and safety. It will create a permanent underclass

  2. 1) I'm calling Barbara Streisand on that Ford "quote".
    Nixon was elected by getting nominated, twice, the same way Republican candidates were for 104 years prior.
    I think some SJW-tard at "BrainyQuote" ginned it up out of whole cloth to try and sound trendy.

    2) If Ford did say it, it validates the criticism by Goldwater that he played too much college football without a helmet. It makes no sense in any context of Watergate, what actually happened, or anything else germane to the issues of the day. For the 50% of America to whom Watergate is trench warfare at Verdun, or triceratops and t. rex, I can see why it would fly.
    To those of us who lived through it, and remember what was actually going on, and why, this is complete manufactured codswallop, with no relation to the actual scandal, or what created it. It had zero, zilch, nada, bupkus, niente, jack and squat, to do with "an arrogant, elite guard of political adolescents" allowed to "by-pass the regular party organization and dictate the terms of a national election".

    And BTW, Nixon won in 1972 with the most sweeping electoral landslide in history (at the height of the hugely unpopular Vietnam War!), until Mondale was buried in 1984 by Reagan's re-election.
    The so-called "quote" is therefore valueless, inapplicable, and suspect as probably a total hoax. Or, as noted, proof that Ford was senile before we knew enough to call it Alzheimer's.

    In short, actual source and context, or it never happened.

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