A derecho hits Ottawa


Most of us have by now heard of a “derecho” – a straight-line wind storm that can be as damaging as a tornado or hurricane.  One hit the northern states and southern Canada last month, and an Ottawa resident caught it on film.  It’s amazing to see how it blows up in a matter of a minute or two, with no warning, and how dangerous it can be.  Watch the video clips below in sequence.

I’ve been caught in a few hurricanes (Katrina 2005, Gustav and Ike in 2008, and a few others) and that derecho looked just about as bad, albeit not as long-lived.  I’m glad I wasn’t there.



  1. Even with all the storms, floods, volcanoes, and other natural disasters that strike regularly, this planet's environment is incredibly benign. By now thousands of exoplanets have been identified by astronomers, and even the rocky (Earth-like) planets in the so-called habitable zone (where water is liquid) are veritable hellscapes, every single one of them: tidally locked, deadly flares from star, etc. etc.

    We are so lucky.

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