1. They are lucky they didn't have a tredd down across the road, or be blinded by smoke and dump it in the ditch…

  2. The smoke will get you. Newbies don't realize how bad it can be. Always work in clean air or you will pay for it the next day with a monoxide headache. Smoke, stump holes, falling branches, and falling trees, even boulders rolling downhill are things that will surprise you when you are out there.

  3. I can't imagine the heat they felt. I remember Wings over East Texas. When the Confederate AF would blow up gas bombs to simulate bomb drops, the heat from a few hundred yards away was impressive.

    I passed a flare at a chemical plant in Pasadena Tx one year. I don't know what they were burning off, but it sounded like a jet engine and the heat thru a closed window was very intense….

    Very nearly too late to matter…

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