A final reminder about our Glock raffle


Our raffle for up to two Glock pistols and accessories (depending on the number of entries received – so far, 57 have come in) has just 12 days left to run before it closes on July 20th.  Entries received after that date will not be eligible, and will be returned to sender.

I strongly suggest mailing your entry by not later than early next week.  The US Postal Service is still encountering delays in processing and delivering mail from some centers;  entries received so far have ranged from 2 to 11 days in transit.  I’d hate for you to go to the trouble of entering, and then miss out on winning because your entry arrived a day or two late.

Thank you, everyone, for your support.  You’re making it possible for me to pay off the last of the medical bills hanging over my head from my heart attack in November 2019, and from two bouts with COVID-19, one in early 2020 and one earlier this year.  Being on a limited income, it’s hard to cope with burdens like that, but thanks to you, I’m able to cope.  Muchas gracias, hand to heart, and all that sort of thing.


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  1. Peter, I'll get mine sent out to you tomorrow. Should it not make it by the deadline, I insist you please keep the money, and use it to help things out for you and your wife.

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