A final reminder: win guns!

I’ve written several times before about the fundraiser we’re holding for Andi, a friend in Colorado who recently suffered a stroke.  You can read more about her here.  Pictures of the guns and other prizes on offer may be seen at Old NFO’s blog, here, here, here and here.

Here’s Andi with her husband and sons, prior to her stroke.

Donors get 1 ticket for the drawing for every $10 they donate.  $50 gets you 6 tickets, $100 gets you 12, and so on.  The winners will be drawn on December 1st.  The first person drawn picks the prize they want, then the second winner picks a prize from what’s left, and so on down the line.  If you get drawn as a winner more than once, you get more than one prize.  Simple and easy.

As I write these words, the fundraiser stands at $15,712 out of a target of $25,000;  in other words, we’ve raised almost 63% of our target.  That’s enough to help Andi pay for a lot of therapy, but it’s still far short of what’s needed.  May I appeal to you, dear readers, to help a friend in her hour of need?  A stroke is something that can happen to any of us;  and if it does, we’ll be grateful for all the help we can get.  Let’s “pay it forward” and help Andi, so that if the time comes that we need help, what goes around will come around, so to speak.

Thanks, friends.



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