A five-year-long suspended joke?

This made me laugh.

Fans of the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show got a treat when a Twitter user pulled off a joke especially for their amusement. Over 48,000 people showed their appreciation by retweeting the gag, after they had been made to wait an impressive five years for the punchline.

. . .

If you have partaken in these cult-like rituals, or just watched the film in the safety of your own home, you will be able to appreciate Twitter user ‘Frank Furter’s’ little prank. The anonymous user, named after the character Dr Frank N’ Furter played by Tim Curry, posted three tweets as long ago as 2009. All three tweets were lyrics from the much-loved song Sweet Transvestite:

    So, come up to the lab,
    – Frank Furter (@DrFNFurter) May 8, 2009

    and see what’s on the slab!
    – Frank Furter (@DrFNFurter) May 8, 2009

    I see you shiver with antici …
    – Frank Furter (@DrFNFurter) May 8, 2009

Then ‘Frank Furter’ was silent. For five years. Until finally….

    … pation.
    – Frank Furter (@DrFNFurter) May 8, 2014

A simple stunt, but it deserves a giggle. According to Stephen Fry, it’s “the greatest Twitter joke of all time.”

There’s more at the link.

After that, what else can I do but embed this?



  1. In about 1974-75, I saw 'Rocky' at a small (about 150-200 seat) theatre here in Sydney, just near Kings Cross, Reg Livermore, then, and still now, the epitome of Australian theatrical talent, was Rocky.
    I and my very new Wife were rather reluctant audience members, courtesy of my Brother, who 'knew someone who knew someone' that was able to get tickets.
    The night was perfect, beautiful Sydney spring weather, we entered the small theatre, knowing NOTHING of what was ahead.
    The curtain went up, and within barely 15 minutes, we were taken to another planet, in every aspect!.
    Superlatives, even now, still cannot do justice to what we experienced that night, I am still on that 'planet', always will be.
    My suburban life was never the same after, I had experienced another existence, in every way.
    Theatre, fantasy, sights, smells and sound!, what experience!.

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