A friend could really use our help, please

Some members of our Blogorado “family”, including yours truly, have come together to raise funds for our host’s daughter-in-law, who recently suffered a stroke.  We’ll let Farmgirl tell the story.

My sister in law, Andrea (everyone calls her Andi) suffered a stroke in mid August. Unfortunately, it wasn’t diagnosed correctly for two weeks, delaying treatment … she’s lost strength and mobility in her left arm and leg. She’s facing a year to 18 months of physical therapy to get back to full function.

Andi is an artistic soul. She creates beautiful metal artwork for their business, and she plays the guitar in her free time with her mother to relax. She says that’s the hardest thing about this whole situation- she can’t chord, and hasn’t been able to play the guitar since it happened.

Andi has not been able to afford health insurance, because she and my brother own a business. Unfortunately the business makes too much money for them to get assistance with health insurance, but not enough for them to be able to afford health insurance and raising two boys … Andi needs to begin physical therapy as soon as possible in order to have the best outcome, and without health insurance she has to pay the full cost of every session.

There’s more at the link, which is a GoFundMe project set up to raise funds for Andi’s treatment.  It includes a recent update, with good news about Andi’s progress.

A group of us, including (but not limited to) Old NFO, Lawdog, Phlegmmy, aepilotjim, Alma BoykinMiss D. and myself, have decided to add an incentive to the fund-raiser.  Some of us have donated several of our guns, and pooled them as prizes.  Others have donated a few non-gun prizes, for those who’d prefer them.

Old NFO tells the tale at his blog – please click over there to read all the details.  In brief, we’re going to allocate one “entry” to the prize drawing for every $10 you donate to help Andi, with a multiplier for larger donations.

Here are the ‘rules’ $10 per chance, $50/6 chances, $100/12 chances, etc. Make your donation to the Go Fund Me above, and copy your donation receipt to 4anditherapy@gmail.com. This will count as your entry into the raffle. If you have already donated, we will accept prior donations to the Go Fund Me.

The raffle will run from now through the end of November, with the drawing to be held 1 December via a random drawing program. First number gets their choice, second gets their choice, etc.

Again, more at the link.  You’ll find details of the prizes at the link, too.  There are some sweet choices among them, enough to make my mouth water!

I’ll be very grateful if you’ll please support this fundraiser.  Andi is a lovely person, and her kids are a delight.  The family could really use our help, particularly in these hard times;  and with the added incentive of a free gun or other prize (possibly more, if your donation ‘earns’ you more than one ‘ticket’ and your name is drawn more than once), you’ve got even more reason(s) to join in.

Thanks in advance, friends.  Let’s help give Andi and her family a much merrier Christmas than would otherwise be the case!



  1. All of you are being very kind on helping this family gain some needed funds. For those of us with no on line payment options, is there a physical address we can send payment to ?

    I'm not particularly interested in acquiring more firearms (can't believe I just said that lol), I'd just like to send the contribution to help her and her family out.

  2. @Anonymous at 5:58 AM: I'm not sure about direct contributions by mail. I'll ask the family, and post an update when I hear from them. Thanks!

  3. You should also write to your politicians to support universal health care. We just don't have this problem in the UK.

  4. possibly useless info but— when i needed therapy daughter went with me, took notes, and administered therapy at home –she was merciless.
    this could be a family project. this young ladies husband and boys may be able to do all that is needed to help their mom to regain health.
    they charged 45$$ per day! wish i had that kind of cash!
    went three times [one time every few weeks] to get new instructions as i worked my way through the steps of therapy. the therapists were very kind and helpful
    they were well aware that most people cannot afford it.
    they probably couldn't afford it themselves.

    on a side note, i keep aspirin with me in case anyone looks like starting a stroke. since i had the last surgery i take aspirin before any long trips to prevent vein problems in my legs. we also get out every couple of hours to walk for a bit. keeps the circulation flowing.
    keeping baby aspirin in your vehicle and in your pocket is a good idea.

    i hate recaptcha — ageing eyes don't do well with it.

  5. Ah yes,
    Obamacare in action. Laser like focus on destroying the small business owner using health insurance costs. Many , employed by the big guys, (especially Gov.)that provide health insurance benefits, like to bitch when their insurance costs go up 5 or 10 percent. They can't conceive of how badly the little biz owners have been hit. The self employed have seen increases of 100,200,300 percent, as well as seeing deductibles go double, triple, quadruple.
    This is why I have given up on "middle ground" and will never, ever, vote for a democrat for any position, ever again, including dog catcher. They told me exactly what they think of me and I will remember.

    I will send some money.

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