A gastronomic monstrosity!


I can only laugh and shake my head at the latest dietary catastrophe from England.  I’ve eaten chip butties (for American readers, that’s soft-cooked French fries in a bread sandwich, with or without ketchup or other seasonings) on a number of occasions, but . . . this???

CUSTOMERS have been battering down the door at a chippy for a deep fried butty.

The 1,000-calorie bread roll is filled with chips and a choice of gravy, mushy peas or curry sauce before being deep-fried.

For £2.80 [just under US $4], hungry customers also get another portion of chips on the side.

Laura Frere, manager at KP’s Fish Bar in Leeds, reckoned: “It has gone mental. We had to close on Sunday because we ran out of food. And we had to ring our supplier for an emergency delivery after going through 25 bags of potatoes.”

There’s more at the link, including more photographs of the guilty party sandwich in question.

I’ve no doubt it tastes delicious, but the carb count of that thing must be off the dietary charts – and as for the calories, that’s more than half the recommended daily intake for the average adult!  I imagine dietitians are having heart attacks just reading about it!

Still . . . it’s tempting . . .



  1. Peter, do not forget about the Durban Bunny chow, or something we used to call a "Katkop" (does not really translate well to Cat's Head), half loaf of bread, hollowed out and filled with curried minced mutton and chips. You could survive a long time on one of those and a ice cold soda!

  2. I believe it's the scotch who came up with the Deep Fried Mars Bar…. even better than this

  3. I'd consider it, but there'd have to be ketchup, tartar sauce, and a number of cod fillets involved as well.

    Speaking of which, it's Friday, so off for my weekly treat of same. Catholics shouldn't have all the fun.

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