A good point and two good questions from Scott Adams


What the eventual result of this election will be, nobody knows.  However, Scott Adams makes a very good point, and asks two very good questions, about the problematic Dominion election software used to tabulate the election results in many states.  Click each image to go to the original tweet.

Those are points I’d love to see argued before the Supreme Court.  Without a verifiable, comprehensive, secure audit trail, one that can’t be accessed or modified post-event, the security and integrity of the software simply can’t be guaranteed – and that means the security and integrity of the entire election is also in question, right from the start.

The obvious answer is that any election using such software should be declared null and void.  Its results are, by definition, unverifiable, and therefore untrustworthy.

One hopes the justices of the Supreme Court are thinking about that.  Perhaps we should recommend Scott Adams’ Twitter feed to them?



  1. I agree with the point. That said, I'm beginning to see one of two scenarios playing out.

    The first is that the weak-kneed Republicans and their judicial appointees, together with the Never Trump faction and aided and abetted by the media, keep things from getting to SCOTUS. Even if it makes it there, how confident are we in our 5-4 majority?

    The second is that the process drags out until the point where the electors must meet. I assume that each state will go weak-kneed and send electors per their "popular vote" numbers, no matter the questions that are raised. That leads to a Biden presidency. But what happens if the court challenges eventually bear fruit and some/most of the election results are tossed? What then? Do we unseat the sitting President or just what? I figure the Constitutional Crisis plus the screaming from both sides will lead to some very nasty outcomes.

    I'm afraid that it's going to be "Welcome the United States of the Third World" very soon.

    Pray for the Republic.

  2. I work in defense industry Enterprise Resource Planning systems and everything single thing we do requires auditability. It spite of the cynicism some may feel, the Defense world in my experience is run by patriots with a real sense of responsibility for taxpayer dollars. I never heard of contractual non auditability and I'm pretty sure that isn't even legal under Government acquisition rules.

    The problem that I see is that the GOP doesn't actually want the White House. If they did they would not have run a slate so weak in 2016 that it allowed Trump the outsider to take over.

    The lack of desire to lead was very evident when Paul Ryan blocked Trump's agenda in the house which was one of the most treasonous things I have ever seen.

    Look the idea of succession planning.

    The VP slot should be used to groom a successor. Watching Mike Pence mop the floor with Harris in the VP debate tells me that Trump (from the business world) understands this.

    GW Bush gave it away with a VP like Cheney who had no intention of being promoted. True succession planning would have meant getting a VP ready. Instead the Bush Administration walked off the stage and set Obama up for a win.

    Bill Clinton understood this. Like him or not, Gore was a viable candidate.

  3. The feds and every state have laws about record retention and auditing trails. Sounds like a bunch of those laws were simply ignored. I want to see heads on pikes outside government facilities to remind everyone that violating the law has consequences and that when it comes to elections there can be no republic without free and open elections. If the citizens lose confidence in their government, you end up with "We hold these truths to be self-evident…" coming back into fashion. That way lies massive death and destruction, but no more so than would be brought with the tyranny of these oligarchs.

  4. I have to agree this charade is nothing more than a scam on the American people by our government supposedly of the people, by the people, and for the people of which Barr and the DOJ are complicit.

  5. The various states will certify their results, Biden wins the Electoral College, and is installed as President. The media continues to tell us that the claims of fraud are debunked, and there were a few anomalies but nothing that affected the overall result.

    And there ain't a damn thing we can do about it.

  6. To follow on to The Neon Madman, if they get away with the sloppy and amateurish hacking of this election, the next one will be even worse. There will never be free and fair election again.

    The Republic is dead.

  7. Proprietary software? What am I missing? Depending on input, you add “1” to either the Trump total or the Biden total. Repeat. How sophisticated does the software have to be?

  8. BD, it should be, but the Dominion softwere has been reporting fractional _votes_ and not just decimal percentages.
    Then there is the Michigan? on air reduction in count of cast votes for Trump by 20,000, and a similar number increase for Biden.
    The GOPe may let the Progs steal the election, but I can not see how the Progs could hope to govern, much less rule, as they intend to do.
    John in Indy

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