A good reason to avoid valet parking – and perhaps Hyatt Hotels, too?

Courtesy of a link provided by Miguel at Gun Free Zone, we learn of this incident.

And here’s one of the photographs accompanying the Facebook post.

Miguel offers his own opinions on the incident.

My take on this is that every employee involved should be summarily fired.  If this isn’t misconduct, I don’t know what is!  They might claim they were checking to see if the car contained anything that might be a security risk, but it’s pretty clear that they were just itching to check out a guest’s fancy ride.  So much for guest privacy and their rights to private property!

If Hyatt doesn’t act, and do so publicly and promptly, it’ll be conclusive evidence that we should try to book our hotel accommodation anywhere else but with them!



  1. Way back in the 1960's, somebody (the book is BED BREAKFAST AND BOTTLED WATER, but I forget the author) commented that, if you read the fine print of a parking garage ticket, what you have is a sort of non-comittal resolution to not actually set your car on fire.

    Otherwise? *shrug*

    I think you might find that every chain hotel and very parking garage there was a chance of this kind of sh*t. I get around it by driving a boring car. If I was driving a work of art, I would put a sign on the dashboard that read "Please do not open car. Pet Tarantula (or Cobra, or whatever) loose inside."

  2. Hyatt is way out line on this one. If your car is your private property on a work lot it is definitively off limits in a leased lot. I would hazard they where contemplating a boost or joy ride.

    I would engage a lawyer and sue the crap out of the Hyatt. Looks like he could afford it.

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