A Government-caused disaster in the making?


The Conservative Treehouse has published four articles recently that dovetail with each other, and are verifiable from other sources.  I’m going to mention each briefly, and I highly recommend that you click over there and read them in full for yourself.

1.  The Most Dangerous Part of Biden’s Economic Plan Is that He Believes in It – Read What He Says, and You Will See What Is Coming

“I’m not an economist, but I’ve been doing this a long time.  But here’s the way to look at it.  If car prices are too high right now, there are two solutions: You increase the supply of cars by making more of them, or you reduce demand for cars by making Americans poorer.  That’s the choice.”  Guess which way US government policy is biased?

2.  We Have Less Than Two Weeks to Finalize Preparation

Starting January 15th, 2022, truckers must show a proof of vaccine to cross the Canada/US borders … We are looking at a meltdown of the supply chain, or at least some severe disruption … When you … recognize the critical sectors of the North American economy that are reliant upon each other; and when you realize that no one outside of the blue collar crews who have specific expertise in applying commonsense to this equation are talking about it, then you begin to realize what is obviously about to hit, and yet all will claim they never saw it coming.

3.  Minnesota Trucking Company CEO Warns About What Vaccine Mandate Will Do to Economy

How and where exactly are truckers supposed to get these weekly, and depending on state, perhaps daily, Covid-19 tests? How are they expected to modify their cross country routes, to avoid running afoul of the law, without having any idea where this testing is supposed to take place? Follow the implementation of all these mandate tentacles across multiple industries & sectors, and what you end up with is a merging of unworkable nonsense into a logistical and supply chain mess.   For the U.S. economy, a SNAFU of that significance only ends with one result.

4.  Things To Look For…

The 2020 demand disruption problem now becomes a 2021/2022 supply chain problem on both the fresh and processing side (depleted inventories), with each vector now competing for the same raw material: wheat, soybeans, grains, beans and stored row crops. Making matters worse, the protein suppliers also need grain as feed for cattle, pigs, cows, chickens, etc … That’s the nub of the background supply chain issue in the food sector.

Additionally, recovery is not a single-issue problem. The recovery price and shortages relate to everything from current oil and gas prices to diesel engine oil prices, to fertilizer and weed killer costs, to plastic costs and petroleum packing shortages (Styrofoam especially), to cardboard and sustainable packaging costs, to energy costs and transportation/delivery costs.   All along this complex supply chain there’s also workers and higher payroll costs. Thus, we get the double-edged sword of higher prices (inflation) and simultaneous shortages.

Put all four of those articles together, and you have a devil’s brew of problems staring us right in the face, in the short term.  We’re not talking years, or even months;  we’re talking weeks.

Michael Yon summarizes:

1.  America is being Destroyed — a REAL Domino Process

Global supply chains are collapsing. High and low. I would not be surprised to see FedEX, UPS, and other global air providers on their knees before end of February. I have warned a thousand times since January 2020: PanFaWar — Pandemic, Famine, War: I will be amazed if by end of 2023 we do not look at, today, 05 January 2022, as the good ‘ole days.

2.  Food Supply: My estimation — 2022 will be worse than ’21. ’23 will be worse than ’22.

… my view is that we are under authoritarian attack. Production and supply are being targeted. The problems are not derived through massive incompetence, but through competent attacks. All but the slowest ducks on the pond can see that we need to open up. Yet many authoritarian governments are increasing their attacks on their own people. We are never more than six mixed-meals from Hangry Chaos.

Again, go read for yourself.  Mr. Yon’s warnings have been consistently proved right by events on the ground.  My expectation is that they will be again.

Finally, allow me to repeat my warning from November last year.

We’re now faced with a blatant reality that can no longer be hidden or denied.  The current administration is actively seeking to destroy the fabric of American society and remake it in a radical, extremist image.  The Biden administration and the progressive left of the Democratic Party embody and incorporate the teachings of Alinsky, Cloward and Piven to such an extent that they’ve replaced the constitution and the founding fathers as the foundation of their efforts.

If you don’t recall that article, please click over to it and read it again.  It’s coming true before our very eyes.

These sayings are so often used that they’ve become clichés, but that doesn’t make them any less true:

“There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

“There are none so deaf as those who will not hear.”

Tragically, we are surrounded by those who’ve fallen into both traps.  They prefer to allow others to think for them, rather than think for themselves.  They prefer to believe the “official” picture, rather than tearing their eyes away from the TV screen or the computer monitor or the newspaper and looking at the reality all around them.

Let’s not fall into the same traps.  Time is too short, and our peril is too great.



  1. Something to think about is that a lot of people believe that Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schuemer are conservatives, and want to go much farther than the what seems to be the current plan.
    One person I know told me the other day that he admires the North Korean economy, but he thinks the current leaders are not going far enough. He owns a gaming store in SW Ohio(and is a nice guy other than his politics).

  2. My mantra lately is simply this: GET LOCAL. We survive and win by having reliable, tough people around us who will power through together. We don't need militias etc…we need relationships. Skills and resources we can share and support. If society falls apart, we'll need those relationships for security too.

  3. Today in Northern Colorado I drove past two COVID testing sites. Both had 20+ cars in two lanes waiting. Madness.

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