A great new read from Cedar Sanderson

My friend and fellow author, Cedar Sanderson (who also designs covers – I had her create the cover for my forthcoming fantasy novel) has just published another novella (i.e. a short novel – usually considered to be between 17,500 and 40,000 words).  This one’s titled ‘Snow in her Eyes‘.

I bought it and read it at once.  Being a short read (and priced accordingly), it didn’t take me too long.  It’s great!  In this book, Cedar combines her love of modern fantasy with her education as a forensic chemistry assistant (I’m sure that job title is wrong, and she’ll probably scold me for using it, but it’s the best I can come up with at short notice).  The result is startling – a police investigation involving a paranormal detective, with some very unusual twists to the plot.  Highly recommended reading.

If you like modern fantasy (not necessarily just urban fantasy, which so many are writing these days  – a lot of her work involves rural scenery, such as her Pixie For Hire trilogy, which begins in Alaska), then take a look at all Cedar’s books.  Miss D. and I are definitely her fans, as well as her friends.



  1. Now I'm sitting here blushing.

    Yes, the job description is wrong, but that's ok. It describes where I'm at right now – in the apprenticeship phase of a science career. I joke that I'm a larval scientist.

    Thank you Peter, and Dorothy!

  2. @Quentin, Aaronovitch's Peter Grant books are excellent. My story is very different. It's not set in a city, and it's not as overtly magical – Amaya, the lead character, is a passive senser only, she has no offenses magically. And I don't bring in various spirits and myths in this this book. You might actually enjoy either Vulcan's Kittens (although the characters are young) or Pixie Noir if you like Aaronovitch's stuff. Snow is much closer to real-life policing than Peter Grant is.

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