A grim explanation for the official campaign against HCQ and Ivermectin


Karl Denninger claims he’s found out why US health care professionals and hospitals won’t recommend known, proven remedies for COVID-19 such as hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.

You want to know why, if you get Covid-19, the doctor and hospital won’t prescribe and use anything until you’re choking — and then only Dexamethasone, Remdesivir (which has failed twice in random controlled trials, including a VERY LARGE one, and is dangerous enough, on the data, that I’d never take it personally), oxygen, and ultimately a ventilator?

Here’s the reason directly from the government itself on an official government web page:

. . .

If the hospital or physician refuses to treat you with anything other than Remdesivir (which has an EUA still outstanding despite failing said trials), dexamethasone, oxygen and a ventilator (which, you remember, Trump bought tens of thousands of for this explicit purpose under the DPA) they are immune from all legal action you may take due to their negligence, even if they KNOW there are other treatment options that, on the science, work.

If they use those options they lose the PREP Act immunity.

That’s right: The US Federal Government demanded that in exchange for legal protection in all respects with regard to Covid-19 treatment only what they approved for said use could be used.  Anything else and poof — the PREP Act liability shield is gone.

HHS killed every single person denied care and treatments by direct decree as they not only pay the hospitals $30,000+ to put you on a ventilator they immunized the hospitals from legal action if and only if they refused to treat you with anything not on the FDA’s “approved” list.


Both of them, all of HHS, every member of Congress and every clinician and hospital involved from your local physician on up to every hospital following those protocols are murderous pricks who, between them, agreed to let you die on purpose and use proved-worthless and dangerous drugs to avail themselves of a liability shield put forward by HHS and authorized, years prior, by Congress.

Every one of these people — including every single Congressperson who did not revoke the PREP Act (or demand HHS remove that clause under pain of doing so) — is a mass-murderer.

Now you know what happened — and why.

You also now know why the only thing they will recommend in the current context is the jabs.

There’s more at the link.

If Mr. Denninger is right then heads need to roll – and I’m not just talking metaphorically.  However, I differ from him on two points.

  • Rather than blame President Trump and/or President Biden, I’d blame the “professional advisers” and “experts” who advised them what to do in this situation.  Neither President was/is medically educated or trained, and relied on “expert advisers” to recommend a path forward.  You or I would do the same in their shoes.  Therefore, the blame lies more with the latter than with the former, IMHO.
  • It’s very telling when you look at those “expert advisers” (particularly Dr. Fauci).  Look at their shareholdings and/or “consultancy” income from major drug manufacturers;  look at the positions of influence held by not just them, but by their wives and other close contacts;  and look at their track record in the past about advocating certain health measures and/or advising against others.  Put all that together, and the financial picture that emerges is one of corruption from the top down.

Frankly, I think that any so-called “expert” who advocates measures from which he or she will profit, directly or indirectly, should be stripped of his or her assets and left in penury.  That’s just for starters.  If his or her bad advice can be proved to have injured or killed anybody (let alone thousands of people, as with the COVID-19 pandemic), “let it be done unto them as they’ve done unto others”.

I’d extend that to the news media, too.  Did you notice Rolling Stone’s hit piece against Ivermectin last week, claiming that gunshot victims were languishing in ER’s, while people who’d “overdosed on Ivermectin” were filling all available beds?  (I’d link to it, but it’s already been deleted.)  It was part of a barrage of criticism against the drug that was picked up and amplified by all sorts of media outlets.  However, it was all a lie.

One problem: The story is fake.

The hospital in Oklahoma that was said to be at the epicenter of all those many gunshot victims (got questions about that, too) left waiting for their emergency care, is explicitly denying that it’s overwhelmed by horse-ivermectin overdose cases and the lone doctor making the claim, Dr. Jason McElyea, is not an employee of the hospital at all, he’s a contractor, and hasn’t worked at the hospital for months. In fact, it hasn’t treated any horse-ivermectin cases at all.

Here’s the statement, as reported by Rolling Stone:

UPDATE: Northeastern Hospital System Sequoyah issued a statement: Although Dr. Jason McElyea is not an employee of NHS Sequoyah, he is affiliated with a medical staffing group that provides coverage for our emergency room. With that said, Dr. McElyea has not worked at our Sallisaw location in over 2 months. NHS Sequoyah has not treated any patients due to complications related to taking ivermectin. This includes not treating any patients for ivermectin overdose. All patients who have visited our emergency room have received medical attention as appropriate. Our hospital has not had to turn away any patients seeking emergency care. We want to reassure our community that our staff is working hard to provide quality healthcare to all patients. We appreciate the opportunity to clarify this issue and as always, we value our community’s support.”

Which pretty well discredits the whole hysterical narrative being spread around by multiple news outlets. It’s fake news, based on shoddy reporting, from a claim of one source with zero firsthand knowledge, yet a whole host of news outlets picked up the fake story and spread it around to scare people.

Now, obviously, the hospital would have an interest in seeing patients coming in for treatment and a report like that probably would have kept a lot of them away.

But at the same time, a detailed denial like that is pretty firm and the hospital would be in trouble if it were not true. They said they’re treated no one for taking horse dewormer, no one at all.

So the news outlets have made huge errors in judgment and trashed their own credibility based on that now-denied report they could have gotten the answer to, and it was one after another running themselves off the cliff, none of them really checking, all of them taking the word of one doctor, who could have had any agenda.

. . .

There’s some kind of campaign ramping up against ivermectin, a drug whose inventor won the Nobel prize in 2015 for the first version of, and which has been endorsed by the Japan Medical Association, as well as in many studies which have found it to be an effective early treatment for COVID. There’s no President Trump involved, so it’s something very funny going on. Could it be the work of Big Pharma which has far more expensive medications for COVID to sell? It’s terrible if true, given that there’s a lot of evidence out there that ivermectin does indeed cure the illness.

Again, more at the link.

My medicine cabinet continues to include hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin (and yes, the latter is the “horse syrup” variety, given that local pharmacies won’t dispense the approved-for-humans medical version even if you have a doctor’s prescription).  I’ve taken both in my fight against not just one, but two COVID-19 infections, and a possible third brush with the Delta variant.  (Yes, I was careful to match the dose of Ivermectin to my body weight;  I’m not stupid – and the applicator includes an easy way to measure out the necessary dose.)

I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV, so I can only offer what the experts would dismiss as “anecdotal evidence”:  but I came through the illness every time and recovered fully, without seeing a doctor at all.  The only times I sought medical intervention were to get the tests that proved I was, indeed, infected with COVID-19.  (I also used dietary supplements such as vitamins, zinc, and the usual list.)  As shown by the fact that I’m writing these words, I recovered.  On the other hand, a friend who spent a week in hospital with double pneumonia caused by COVID-19 has still not fully recovered, several months later, despite being treated according to the “officially approved” protocol with Remdesivir and other medications.

Draw your own conclusions.  I have.



  1. Don't forget the money angle. The Covid vexxines are only "Emergency Authorized" if there are no other approved treatments. Pfizer's profits were up by how much last quarter?

    1. Funny you should mention that EUA clause, the FDA approved Phizer Cormity, but your doctor is now jabbing with the three previous clotshots.

      The approved version is a standard adult vaccine that Carrie's no liability protection for Phizer.

      Now suppose you heard that the new vax is finally approved and go to get the jab. The product insert is blank and you probably will not see the box. Small bottles are hard to see clearly and differentiate, even for professionals.

      If you come to harm from an EAU jab that was given under misrepresentation at best, fraud at worst, who is liable?

  2. Ordinary government employees would be in jail for that kind of conflict of interest. Is there an exemption in law for Fauci and the others you mentioned, or are they just ignoring it?

    1. DuraMectin (Ivermectin) paste 1.87% Anlthelmintic & Boticide

      Net wt 0.21 oz (6.08g)

      Got mine at the Zon because cheaper. They are trying to cut you off there, which is why I got mine early. Go to a farm store.

      The syringe is marked with 5 equal amounts. It is adequate for a 250# horse. If your horse weighed 1000# you would use 4 of the 5. If your horse weighed 1500# you would need 1 part of a second syringe. If farmers can figure this out, so can you. Each section on she syringe (no needle, apple flavored paste.) is dosage for 250 pounds. If you weighed 125# you would use half of a section.

      The LD50 for ivermectin is multiples of the effective dose, so as long as you are close you are safe.

  3. Re: approved treatments. It needs to stay current that you recently noted the bait and switch on the "approved" Pfizer shot.
    Pfizer got FDA approval for a new shot, similar to the Emergency Use jab, but they are not actually making it available yet, because they would be liable for bad results from that, where they have no liability at all for the jab.
    They have publicized the so called "approval" but are still pushing the unapproved jab.
    Get a rope and follow the money.

  4. Dr Michael Eades in his weekly newsletter (The Arrow) links to a study showing lactoferrin to be more effective than hydrocloroquinine. It is available as an over the counter supplement. I recommend The Arrow highly.
    Ivermectin is effective in humans for lice and mites as well and there is research showing it effective against bed bugs as well, I was able to find several studies about this with minimal searching, though I stayed away from Google.

  5. I said somewhere, that the Rolling Stone rolled off into the farrrrrrrrrrrthest deeps of the Grand Canyon…and I was reminded of the song, "On The Cover of The Rolling Stone".

  6. As usual, however, the people writing these articles never actually give you all the information. I see the link to the PREP Act liability protections, but how about another link to the "licensed, approved, cleared, or authorized by the FDA (or …). So we only have Denninger's word that the list he provides is, in fact, the list. How many times to we have to get burned by BS conspiracy theories before we insist that those pushing them provide us with all the information needed to buttress their claims before we go around spouting off? I'm not suggesting he is wrong, I'm suggesting that it is really easy to take one item out of context and make extravagant claims.

    And before anyone says "do your own research", let me point out that he is making a claim. If he wants us to take it seriously he needs to present his evidence.

  7. Conclusion: they hate us, and themselves, and are actively trying to kill, maim, scandalize, and destroy as many people, body and soul, as possible.

  8. The press are self-promoting incompetents. I remember how they made themselves the heroes of the original covid lockdowns.

  9. Quote:
    "Rather than blame President Trump and/or President Biden, I'd blame the "professional advisers" and "experts" who advised them what to do in this situation. Neither President was/is medically educated or trained, and relied on "expert advisers" to recommend a path forward. You or I would do the same in their shoes. Therefore, the blame lies more with the latter than with the former, IMHO."

    Remember the article by Dr. Scott Atlas at Heritage Institution that I linked to in the comments on this blog last summer? A couple of months later, Pres. Trump appointed him to his Covid Task Force. That was very, very late. All while not firing "Doctor" Fauci. Too late to turn the ship around.

    I get that Washington D.C. is a swamp and that when Trump arrived, he could not do a wholesale house cleaning — fire everyone and start from scratch — immediately. But allowing the criminal Fauci and his gang to set the disastrous agenda, for months and months on end … that's on him.

    He could have gone either by actual, solid credentials. Then professors Atlas, Ioannidis, Bhattacharya, Gupta, Risch, the doctors in Frontline Covid Critical Care (FLCCC), and countless other actual bonafide scientists, practicing medical professionals, economists … could have supplied all the expert advice he needed. Or he could have turned on his "spidey sense" that should have told him within minutes that "Doctor" Fauci could not be trusted.

    He did neither. Trump did good things while in office, but this was his biggest challenge, and he blew it.

  10. "James said…

    "Ivermectin is effective in humans for lice and mites as well and there is research showing it effective against bed bugs as well"

    No surprise, it was invented for use against parasites in livestock.

    In lab studies, it seems to have anti-viral properties, but there are reports saying it doesn't work in vivo, or doesn't work as well.

    I don't have enough information to judge effectiveness, but given the data on use and side-effects, it should definitely be available to those who want it. Same with hydroxychloroquine.

  11. "So who in their right mind gets their medical advice from a rock music magazine anyway?"

    Probably the same types who belived the "A Rape On Campus" fable by Sabrina Erdely.

  12. Tschifty, If your comment was directed to me, not only did I read his full article, I followed the hyperlinks, and I browsed through multiple documents on the FDA website he linked to. I found the quote he put into his article quite easily but was unable to easily find a reference on the that website giving a list of the referenced approved treatments. That's all I'm saying.

    He found a very interesting note that might explain quite a bit, would be good to have the next link in the chain provided so that we can be confident in promulgating it.

  13. The simple truth is that the many pushing this garbage are working for the millions being paid by these billionaire companies under the table to ensure their profits keep rolling in on these fake "vaccines"

  14. Just your daily reminder that there's a damn good reason why every single revolution of liberty has included a phase where journorats are rounded up and given what they deserve.

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