A happy and blessed New Year to all my readers

2015 is almost over.  I can’t say I’ll miss it.  It hasn’t been a great year for us, although we’re very thankful to have overcome health hassles and be back on track after their disruption.  2016 offers us a host of new challenges, moving to Texas during January, then settling in and writing like mad to catch up with my backlog.

Thank you all for tagging along on this blog during 2015, and particularly to all of you who’ve bought and read my books.  Thank you for helping me to earn a living once more, standing on my own financial feet instead of having to depend on disability income.  That means a very great deal to me, and I’m very grateful to you all.

I’m sure the New Year will offer new challenges and opportunities to all of us.  My best wishes and blessings to all of you in all of them.



  1. Thank you for all the thought-provoking blog posts and may 2016 be a good deal for you, your loved ones, and your readers.

    P.S.: Disability income is not charity, you earned it by paying into the system.

  2. It has been a treat to discover your blog in 2015. I wish you the best of blogging in 2016, a successful move to your new home, and a happy new year.

  3. @Raven: Yes, they all are. Click on the book covers in the sidebar to be taken to their Amazon.com page. You'll find the CreateSpace paperback editions listed there.

  4. Thanks to you, Peter. 🙂 Your insights have definitely helped steer this twenty-something in a better direction than I'd otherwise have known to go. Happy New Year.

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