A happy and blessed New Year to all my readers

I’ll be joining Miss D., Old NFO, Lawdog, Phlegmmy and ae_pilotjim to see in the new year tonight.  With a gathering like that, it promises to be a lot of fun.

I also have a new toy to show off.  Santa came late to my local gunshop, leaving a mint-condition Smith & Wesson Model 69 in the used gun case, where I could see it and snap it up before anyone else did.  The price was affordable, and I had a couple of trade items to spare, so the deal was speedily done.  I picked it up this morning.  I’m looking forward to comparing it side-by-side with my Taurus Tracker .44 Magnum revolver (the success of which spurred Smith & Wesson to introduce their competing, very similar Model 69).  Look for a range report soon.

I hope all of you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve.  May 2017 be better for all of us than 2016!  God bless.



  1. All the very best to you and yours in 2017,boet!
    Thank you so much for the endless effort and care you put into your blog, it really makes a difference!

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours Peter.

    Quite a distinguished crowd you're hanging with tonight! Best wishes to you all!

  3. I being an avid fan of the model 69 for over 35 years find it very hard to get used to this "NEW" model 69. My old model 69 was the epitome of a factory produced compact 9mm double stack. I miss mine though I am much happier with my Glock 26. Even so as a die hard revolver guy with a S&W 638 in my pocket every day and a Model 19 Combat Magnum by the bed this …this new model 69 just "aint" right!

    That and happy new year to all!

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