A judge tells it like it is

A Manhattan Supreme Court judge gets it said.

A Manhattan judge on Tuesday lashed into a Harlem man convicted of attempted murder — telling him that “black lives don’t matter to black people with guns” before tossing him in prison for 24 to 26 years.

“Black lives matter,” Justice Edward McLaughlin told defendant Tareek Arnold, 24, as he sentenced him in Manhattan Supreme Court.

“I have heard it, I know it, but the sad fact is in this courtroom, so often what happens is manifestations of the fact that black lives don’t matter to black people with guns.”

Arnold, who is black, shot rival Jamal McCaskill, also black, four times at close range in the summer of 2015. He also has a prior gun possession conviction.

. . .

Defense lawyer Mark Jankowitz requested the minimum sentence of 10 years, arguing that Arnold’s 1-year-old son would be without a father.

McLaughlin demurred: “Do not ask a judge in this room, in this building, or in this system to somehow make amends for the people who commit violent acts and who by their violent acts wind up leaving people orphaned, abandoned, fatherless, etc.”

There’s more at the link.

I’m surprised – and pleased – that in a blatantly ‘politically correct’ setup like New York City’s justice system, a judge can be so outspoken – and so truthful – in his remarks.  I wish there were more like him, particularly in other cities wracked with black-on-black violence (like Chicago, for instance).



  1. I don't know how living without a father will influence the kid, and I don't like it…

    On the other hand, living without THIS father is probably a bonus.

    Take care.

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