A labor of automotive love!

I was amazed to learn of a Hungarian man who’s built a car made almost entirely of wood.  The Telegraph reports:

Istvan Puskas is making a mark with a car created almost entirely out of wood, built it over four months in his workshop in Tiszaors, Hungary.

The fuel tank is an old beer barrel and even the suspension and gearbox are made out of wood.

The car is powered by an engine from a Polish-made Fiat 126, while the steering wheel came from an old Mercedes Benz vehicle.

“I love to work with wood. And I like to create unique things which attract interest from people,” says Mr Puskas.

There’s more at the link.  Here’s a video report showing his creation.

OK, that’s pretty impressive – but if he ever has an accident, I reckon he’ll be picking splinters out of his backside for weeks . . .



  1. He knew where everything was supposed to fit. This is great. And, if there were any left-over parts? Well, maybe he can use them on the next car. 🙂 If he has no garage, how did he keep the wood dry? It must rain there, just like here.

  2. Creations of this nature are usually called "Butt-Buggys" at engine shows in the U. S. They are controversial in engine shows, because they interfere with pedestrian traffic, but they are fascinating creations, fun to watch, and convenient trans for the owners. Here is one from Old Threshers at Mt. Pleasant, IA a few years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lp9n9zOKrBg

  3. I liked the horns attached to the front. Looked like longhorn, but probably not. Some local breed probably.

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