A left-wing prosecutor goes after a father, ignoring the real criminals


I’m sure many of my readers have seen reports about Scott Smith, the father of a girl who was sexually assaulted in a Loudon County, Virginia school, and who exploded in anger at the county’s School Board for ignoring the incident – and not just ignoring it, but failing to report it and others like it, as required by local laws and regulations.  The county’s Commonwealth’s Attorney (the equivalent of a District Attorney in most other counties) is now seeking “jail time for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, both misdemeanor charges, against [him]“.

This is, of course, unconscionable.  She’s ignored the School Board’s failure to abide by laws requiring them to record and report every incidence of sexual assault in their schools;  but she’s going after a father who lost his temper at that same School Board for their failures – failures that meant his daughter became a victim of an unspeakable crime.  (Frankly, I’m surprised at Mr. Smith’s restraint.  It must have been awfully tempting to ensure that those responsible never got the opportunity to repeat their offense.)

This is why, last year, I wrote two articles that I again recommend to your attention.

I highlight these excerpts from the second article.

Please consider the impact of far-left-wing, progressive District Attorneys (DA’s) that have been elected to office in various urban centers (usually with the assistance of massive funding from George Soros and organizations that distribute his support).  Consider Seattle, WA;  Portland, OR;  Philadelphia, PA;  Baltimore, MD;  Chicago, IL;  New York, NY;  St. Louis, MO . . . it’s a long list.  In those jurisdictions, how many rioters and violent demonstrators have been arrested by police, only to be released without charge by local DA’s?  You can research the news reports and other sources for yourselves.  I’m sure that by now, the total must run well into four figures across the country.  They’re sending a very public message.  If you do something illegal, but politically correct, you’ll get off scot-free.

. . .

Our justice system has, in far too many jurisdictions, become an Augean stable of corruption, disrespect for the law and partisan political prosecutions.  In some cases, District Attorney’s offices may be so far gone that they can’t be cleaned up at all.  The only solution may be to fire the entire staff en masse, and start from the beginning with new, non-partisan appointees.

Meanwhile, those of us who are law-abiding citizens and refuse to be intimidated by thugs, rioters and criminals, find ourselves between a rock and a hard place.  The letter of the law, and its spirit as traditionally understood, give us the right to defend ourselves, our loved ones and our property (subject to greater or lesser restrictions, depending on where we live).  The new, far-left-wing, progressive administrators of our justice system don’t give a damn about that.  They want to intimidate us into abandoning our legal rights and allowing the mob to ride rough-shod over us.

If we refuse to permit or tolerate that, we will be targeted by such officials.  They’ll try to make examples of us to intimidate others.

There’s more at the link.

Fox News says of the prosecutor:

The Loudoun County prosecutor who sought jail time against a father who was arrested at a school board meeting after his daughter was allegedly sexually assaulted in a school bathroom has ties to progressive megadonor George Soros and Democratic Virginia gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe.

Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj was described in the explosive report by The Daily Wire as the “progressive” elected county prosecutor who ran on a platform of ending “mass incarceration,” but yet she sought jail time for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, both misdemeanor charges, against Scott Smith.

. . .

The Daily Wire’s article appears to suggest Biberaj motives for prosecuting the case are political, claiming she is “known for leniency and alternatives to incarceration” in other cases. She came under fire earlier this month for dismissing of hundreds of domestic violence cases after an accused wife-beater out on bond allegedly murdered his wife with a hammer. An advocacy group called Virginians for Safe Communities is leading a recall effort against Biberaj because of that case, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

. . .

Biberaj was one of several Soros-backed prosecutors elected in Northern Virginia in 2019 after her campaign received more than $860,000 from Soros’ Justice and Public Safety PAC. She is a criminal reform advocate and member of a group of the commonwealth’s attorneys called Virginia Progressive Prosecutors for Justice, which calls for eliminating mandatory minimum sentences and cash bail.

Biberaj is also a close ally with McAuliffe, who reportedly accepted a $250,000 contribution from Soros for his campaign in August. Biberaj, who has praised McAulliffe as being “part of the progress” that Virginia needs, joined the former Democratic governor as recently as Oct. 2 at a campaign event in Leesburg.

McAuliffe, who is running against Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin, has previously praised Biberaj as a “champion” for criminal justice reform. He fundraised and campaigned for her in 2019, saying she would bring “real criminal justice reform” to Virginia.

There’s more at the link.

Friends, if you live in a town, or city, or county, or state, with such biased, warped, blatantly partisan criminal justice systems, and such weird, one-sided interpretations of criminal laws, you need to get out of there, NOW.  If that’s not possible, you need to leave sooner rather than later, even if it means losing money on the sale of your property, accepting a lower income and standard of living somewhere else, and so on.  If you try to live a sane, normal, law-abiding life in such areas, the progressive left won’t let you.  They’ll treat you like garbage, and make an example of you at every opportunity.  Your rights will be subject to their ideological priorities – and the latter will win over the former every time.  They’ll make sure of that, no matter what the law says.

I’m very sorry for Mr. Smith, and if he starts a criminal defense fund to pay for his legal expenses, I’ll contribute to it.  Nevertheless, he’s chosen to live in a community that has elected progressive left-wing puppet-masters to positions of power.  It was a bad choice, because those puppet-masters see people like him as puppets to be manipulated for the benefit of their ideology and their paymasters.  He’s going to be railroaded, whether he likes it or not, and no matter how unjust that may be.

Note, too, the support of progressive left-wing politicians in campaigning for each other.  It’s an unholy, evil network, interlacing politics, the law and administration into what is basically a joint entity to control almost every aspect of life in such areas.  Once it’s in place, getting rid of it will be so difficult that it may be almost impossible under present laws and regulations.  Corruption has many tentacles, and they reach out to each other and help each other hold on to their entrenched positions of influence.

Friends, please read (or re-read) my earlier two articles linked above.  They’re being proved correct on an almost daily basis in left-wing-dominated areas.  If you live in such an area, please, please reconsider your options.  An awful lot of commenters are saying, “Get out of big cities, now” (because almost all of them are dominated by such progressive-left politicians and their supporters).  I can only second their calls.  Such places are no place for the law-abiding, decent person who only wants to be left alone.



  1. "…. you need to get out of there, NOW…"

    I must strenuously disagree, Peter. I do not doubt that living in a leftist-controlled area is, and will continue to be, for at least a while, unpleasant and potentially, lively-hood threatening.

    But we're Americans – we do not turn tail and run.



    There are established procedures for dealing with the travesties of what we're seeing in Loudon County, Virginia, and elsewhere, and they must be pursued to the fullest.

    If those measures fail, or are actively subverted by those in power, there is, and will continue to be, other means of resolving the problem available to citizens.

    We cannot allow ourselves to be herded into enclaves by the anti-American left. We will quickly run out of places to run and hide in.

    NO ****ing RETREAT, EVER. This is OUR counrty, not theirs. Start acting like it.

  2. Prosecutorial misconduct negatively towards conservatives and positively for leftists and protected-class people has been going on since the Clinton era. Janet Reno did no good things to the US during her tenure at the DOJ.

    Even in supposedly right-wing red states. Witness the way prosecutors go after anyone who uses self-defense, and the pattern is the same.

    Initially the prosecutor won't charge the person, determination of self-defense by cops. But 6 weeks or so down the line, here comes the prosecutor wishing to make a name for itself, and destroying everything in its path in order to get electect/reelected.

  3. These non-Americans will continue to turn this country of our forefathers into not-America. One day we will wake up asking "What happened to our country?" as we're being loaded onto the proverbial cattle cars by those saying "We were just following orders."
    How many times does history have to repeat itself?

  4. @Unknown # 4B, Jr. and Blufield: In a perfect world, you'd be right. However, choose your battles wisely – and your battlefields. Don't fight on a battlefield that your enemy has set up and prepared to his own advantage. Rather, move to a battlefield that offers you greater advantages and him less. If you choose to fight on the enemy's terrain, he'll have everything set up to defeat you before the fight even starts. No-one ever won a war that way…

  5. I think the whole west is under attack and may fail. If I can see my country building concentration camps to house me where do I go? America? They are doing the same. I have watched the USA govt treat its citizens like they are the main enemy for over a decade. No sanctuary in USA. Where to run? UK? is doing the same. To the third world? So many are scared, and our enemy is obviously more wealthy and powerful than any of the nation states now are. This is a genuine question.

  6. "There is no law, only Zuul!"
    The will to power is everything. Power is force. Force is violence.
    The Constitution and laws are just words on paper.
    Act accordingly.

  7. "However, choose your battles wisely – and your battlefields. Don't fight on a battlefield that your enemy has set up and prepared to his own advantage."

    I do not contest the wisdom of that statement. I do, however, vigorously contest the sentiment it proffers.

    We have allowed ourselves to be placed in a position of disadvantage by not vigorously opposing the Left's takeover of our country. By doing so we have narrowed our choices of battlefields. There are two paths available: acquiesce or fight. If we continue gifting the battlefields to our enemy we will eventually have no battlefields which, as you suggest, might be "better;" all wil be "the enemy's ground."

    Individuals, communities, societies, civilizations, sometimes must make a choice about surrender or fight. Was the Alamo the "right battlefield" upon which Texans chose to make a stand? You would suggest it was not, being heavily outnumbered they should have allowed Mexico to take it and picked a different place "more to the Texans' advantage."

    That kind of thinking would have had General Santa Anna making a rest stop in St. Louis on his way to Washington. There's no question the Texans at the Alamo lost that battle, but their side won the war. Sometimes,

    Winston Churchill said in 1940 "We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender."

    Would Churchill have wished the battlefield to be elsewhere? Most certainly. It wasn't – it was in their front yard. To where could they retreat to find a "better battlefield"? In Loudon County, Virginia the parents' battlefield is at their children's schoolhouse doors; to where should they retreat to avoid "the srong battlefield not offering them an advantage"? Sell their homes and move to a different county? To where can they move that the evil will not follow them?

    Churchill also said: “To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour.”

    Running away to a "safer place" won't work; the evil we avoid today because the "battlefield isn't right for us" will follow us wherever we go.


    There is no alternative. All the other choices have been used up.

  8. Well, I missed a sentence above to finish a paragraph. Sorry 'bout that

    That paragraph should read:
    That kind of thinking would have had General Santa Anna making a rest stop in St. Louis on his way to Washington. There's no question the Texans at the Alamo lost that battle, but their side won the war. Sometimes, one must charge into the fray with little hope and accept that sacrifices must be made. As Admiral Farragut said, "Damn the torpedoes."

    Life is not a spectator sport, participation gains rewards and living on this planet comes with risks.

  9. Update: the King County push to change to an appointed sheriff passed with 55% of the vote last November. King County can no longer elect a Constitutional Sheriff to protect their rights. Instead the King County Council, dominated by Seattle leftists, will choose which rights will be protected. I recommend reading up a bit on the Constitutional Sheriff movement and contacting your local sheriff to find out if he is willing to stand up for the rights of citizens. Here's a good place to start. https://cspoa.org/sop/

    Not alarmist enough, indeed.

  10. Some folks just need a heap o' killin'.

    Like the entire school board, that prosecutor, and the original perp in question (and probably the parent(s) of same), just for openers.

    As usual, the most surprised people when (not IF) society once again sees Committees of Vigilance spring up like dandelions will be the guests of honor at the necktie parties in their honor, but it's a consummation devoutly to be wished.

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