A new book from Cedar Sanderson

Miss D.‘s and my friend in meatspace and cyberspace, Cedar Sanderson (whom you’ve met in these pages several times before), has just published a new paranormal/crime/whodunnit novel.  This one’s called “Possum Creek Massacre“.

This is the second novel in the “Witchward” series.  We met paranormal detective Amaya Lombard previously in the novella “Snow In Her Eyes” (which I also highly recommend).

The blurb for “Possum Creek Massacre” reads:

Renowned for her witch hunting skills, Detective Amaya Lombard knew that being summoned from the coastal rainforest of Oregon to the backwoods hollers of Kentucky meant the case was something special. From the moment she arrived at the magic soaked scene in an abandoned farmhouse she knew how bad it was going to be. She had no idea just how complicated it was going to get, professionally and personally. Now she must catch a killer before they catch her. The roots of evil plunge deeply into the past, and the blood soaked history of Kentucky’s witch warded houses and barns may hold the key to keeping her alive in the present.

If you’d like to read snippets from the book, Cedar has published two on her blog, here and here.

Cedar writes about this area from personal experience, living close to it as she does, and having traveled there with (and to visit) family.  She makes it come alive.  I’m looking forward to reading her latest book, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.  She’s one of the few authors whose books I’ll buy sight unseen, because I know they’re sure to entertain and intrigue me.



  1. Thank you Peter! And yes, I have corrected the series numbers, I'm just not sure how long Amazon takes on that sort of thing.

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