A new way to stem the illegal alien tide?


I had to smile at this report.

While cameras followed the bus-’em-to-DC story, [Governor Greg Abbott’s] Texas Department of Public Safety was wreaking major trade havoc at some of America’s busiest commercial ports of entry, backlogging trucks into long snaking lines into the Mexican horizon. Bright and early on Thursday April 7, small groups of Texas Department of Public Safety commercial vehicle inspectors started slow and methodical inspections of trucks coming off the Pharr-Reynosa international bridge. The operation immediately jammed up trucks for more miles into Mexico than web and drone cameras could see – and probably will again all this coming week.

By Friday morning, April 8, Texas DPS inspectors all but halted international trade at America’s busiest border truck crossing, the Colombia Solidarity International Bridge to Laredo. Trucks back up so far that one observer friend of mine who flew a drone high overhead (see photo below) said the end of the line could not be seen, not for “miles and miles and miles.” The same scene played out at one of America’s other busiest land ports, the international bridge connecting Ciudad Juarez to El Paso. Truck lines carrying Mexico’s economic lifeblood – and not a little of Texan lifeblood too – backed up far into Juarez.

. . .

Gov. Abbott held the press briefing to announce Texas preparatory responses to the human tsunami of up to 18,000 illegal immigrants a day expected after May 23, when Biden lifts the Title 42 pandemic-related order that had Border Patrol rapidly expelling migrants back to Mexico without hearings. In addition to the bus-them-to-Washington idea, the governor pointedly noted that his “enhanced safety inspections” would “dramatically slow” the truck flow coming off those bridges “to help ensure that Texans are not endangered by unsafe vehicles and their unsafe drivers.” And hopefully to interdict some drugs.

But he didn’t say the obvious, which is that these operations would severely impede U.S.-Mexico trade. In my opinion, Texas officials cannot and will not say that’s what they intended, to purposefully inflict economic pain to force the Biden administration and/or Mexico to pay attention to Texas concerns about the coming migrant tidal wave… to dam it up, clear it out, whatever.

. . .

Within hours of the bridge backups, Texas companies began howling about the economic pain and trouble this was causing them … It remains to be seen whether Abbott will relent before he forces bigger players to the table, if that’s the game … But at some point, President Biden and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will have no choice but to react to Texas.

From there, the Texas Hold-Em game like this puts all of us into speculation land because that game has never been played before.

There’s more at the link.

I think this is an inevitable response from, not just Texas, but all border states in due course.  The unchecked gusher of illegal aliens pouring across our southern border is a monumental burden for Texas, and for the rest of the country too.  The Biden administration clearly doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about that – so Texas has to find some way to get their attention.  If that means hurting the national economy in this way, just as Texas’ economy has been hurt by the illegal alien invasion, well, they asked for it.  (Sure, it’ll hurt Texas companies too, but then we’re already being hurt by Biden’s contemptuous dismissal of our concerns.  Abbott’s probably betting that the pain will be felt more in the national economy than in Texas’.  Given how much this state produces from its own resources, he may be right.)

I hope Governor Abbott stays the course on this one.  It’s probably the only meaningful card he can play – but if he does so skillfully, he might just take the pot.  Here’s hoping.



  1. The real test will come when some Federal judge slaps an injunction on this citing some made up BS. At that point will Abbott fold or reply 'not how I read the Constitution'?

  2. Looks like Texas has invoked the spirit of the 10th Amendment by playing chicken with the feds. I love it.

  3. So, matism or should I say Machismo what's topping YOU from going down there right NOW and stopping them?

    Get Real.

    It's the District of Criminals that's the REAL PROBLEM.

  4. @Michael: So, if It's the District of Criminals that's the REAL PROBLEM, what's stopping YOU from going over there right NOW and stopping them? Get Real.

    This is a terrific move by Texas. And it's Texas enforcing Texas law, nothing to do with the Feds. Who are abrogating their Constitutional duty by not protecting the several States from invasion by foreign powers.

    1. Exactly. It is different from a state enforcing federal law, and it is an excuse the feds have encouraged in the recent past, most particularly with the convoy to DC, they'll be hard pressed to find a reason to stop this, but unfortunately I doubt that'll stop them from doing it anyway.

  5. Mc Chuck I should stop expecting much from your comments. But I keep hoping.

    If you bothered to read the thread maybe you'd understand he was calling for shooting the illegals at the boarder to stop them. I simply called him on the "lets other folks do it" attitude.

    But then again Liberals are ALWAYS CALLING for Other People to DO the DEEDS, sort of like what I called Mr. maladroit upon.

    TX shipping illegals to DC is an excellent idea. Give the bleeding-heart folks plenty of time and opportunity to "Share their VALUES" with those "Poor Illegals". No doubt they will use our taxpayer dollars to equip them with plenty of benefits, a prepaid Credit Card, a new free internet plan cellphone AND SHIP them to a different Red State. Oh, I forgot NO COVID Vaccination required for Illegal Immigrants, wonder why?

    BRAVO, Well Done.

    The Problem is still the traitors in DC enabling this. If Mc Chuck has any Realistic ideas on dealing with them…

    I'm ALL EARS. And please explain what exactly YOU have done to start your wonderful ideas to cure the District of Criminals.

    Seriously folks, we need some real planning. We need some real Leadership. we need some real logistics (food, energy, medical care) and a replacement for the system we deem unacceptable.

    Anybody who is brought up to be a Leader is instantly attacked by our fellow "Patriots" for this and that. Even George Washington would not pass muster today.

    But unlike the Socialist-Democrats we have no real ability to work together as we get our underwear in a knot about every little thing. BLM and AntiFa dislike each other but they seem to understand the need to work together.

    Soon enough lack of food will stop this bickering.

  6. Another question is, how much pressure like this will it take to cause the Mexican govt. to totally collapse, which would leave most if not all of N. Mexico under Cartel control, and what that will mean to people on both sides of the border. How many mules will the Cartels run across the desert, at gunpoint? How many of them will die in route? I fear real starvation is coming to America for the first time in over 100 years,and Nobody's ready for that, either. Here it comes, regardless!

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