A nightmare for parents, and a sobering lesson

A home invasion robbery in Texas had ghastly consequences for one family, particularly their seven-year-old son.

The homeowner told police that three masked black suspects broke through the front door and pistol-whipped him, causing injuries.

“This is the worst kind of crime against a family,” Sheriff Troy Nehls said. “Three crooks forcing their way into a home in the middle of the night is appalling. To make matters worse, they accosted a 7-year-old child. They’re cowards, to say the least.”

Nehls said the father kept telling the intruders there was no money and to take jewelry or a car, but the masked men weren’t satisfied.

. . .

The men then turned their attention to the couple’s 7-year-old son, who was led around the house in search of money, according to the sheriff … “We have audio and video from inside that house,” Nehls said. “You can hear chilling screams from all the family members inside that house.”

One of the masked men later placed the 7-year-old son in a bath tub with hot water in an attempt to get information about possessions in the home.

“You can hear when the bathtub was filling with water,” Nehls said. “Then all of a sudden the screams became muffled because he’s just up underneath the water.”

Detective Justin White told reporters the boy was used as “leverage” by the suspects.

“The 7-year-old is having to watch his dad get tortured, basically,” he said Tuesday. “When that didn’t work they tortured the 7-year-old. To me, yesterday I said that’s pretty sick. I will add that is evil to do something like that to a child.”

There’s more at the link.

From the report, it appears that the homeowner was a small businessman who kept substantial amounts of cash at home.  It seems the intruders were aware of that, and tried to locate the money.  The homeowner did not reveal its location, which to my mind was a contributing factor to his son’s torture, and makes me view him less than favorably.  If he put his money over the well-being of his son . . . something’s out of balance somewhere, IMHO.

Be that as it may, this should be a wake-up call and a lesson to all of us.  There are criminals out there who are ruthless.  Many have come across our border, bringing with them the criminal habits and inclinations they developed in their countries of origin.  Others have grown up in urban ghettoes, where human life is cheap and conditions are dire.  To survive, let alone thrive, in such conditions, you have to develop a basic callousness and ruthlessness towards others.  That spills over onto anyone unfortunate enough to run into such persons.  The result is depicted in these headlines, among many from which I could have chosen:

Ferfal, who has (like me) experienced societal breakdown and an environment of widespread, endemic violent crime, gives this grim warning in connection with this incident.

So you have your little subcompact gun, tiny enough to carry it concealed behind your ear, because that’s what all the cool kids are doing these days.

And then this happens.

You need to be reminded of this, believe this can happen to you tomorrow. Can happen to you today. Your wife tortured, your kids tortured. Only then will you change the mentality from what little gun goes best with your skinny jeans or digs in less into your super thin, ultra-sensitive skin into wanting the most ammo and most powerful gun you can shoot fast and accurately and above all, into having the instinct to kill people with a fork if necessary.

They are animals. Worse than animals they are monsters and need to be destroyed whatever it takes.

Once this reality sinks in and is fully assimilated then believe you me, you will no longer care for what’s comfortable or what’s cool. You will want effective killing tools. Several of them. You will want to master them and above all and most important, you will have the determination to use them.

Things like these, it’s a daily occurrence in places like Buenos Aires. I’ve been living in that reality for more years than I care for. You know what we didn’t talk about with like-minded people? How can I carry a smaller gun with less ammo.

Again, more at the link.

(Ferfal often has useful hints, tips, and lessons learned at his blog.  If he’s not already on your regular reading list, he’s a good candidate for it.  I don’t always agree with him, but that’s OK – we learned from our own experiences on two different continents, so it’s not surprising we sometimes absorbed different approaches.  He learned in a hard school, as did I, and I respect that.  Bear in mind that he’s not in the USA, so some of his favored weapons and approaches – such as “they need to be destroyed!” – may not be legal here.  Know your local laws, rules and regulations, for your own defense in case of need, and act accordingly.)

I agree with Ferfal about the need for preparedness.  Incidents of home invasion robberies and assaults may be relatively rare in “better” areas, but rapidly increasing in less affluent or more gang-ridden communities.  They’re also happening in up-market areas – see, for example, the Cheshire, Connecticut, home invasion murders.  We can expect more of that sort of thing to spill over as the number of those willing to perpetrate such crimes increases, particularly with the illegal alien problem as bad as it is.

Secure your home, arm and train yourself and the other adults in your family, and be ready, willing and able to defend them, your home and your possessions.  In our increasingly unstable society, you may have to.



  1. Yeah, choosing money over the kid shows how little he loves his kid. Apparently, money is his god.

  2. Doesn’t giving the money to the robbers encourage future home invasions? If he paid once, he’ll pay again, and have his family at risk each time. Now, wouldn’t criminals look for an easier target?

  3. Giving them the money might have been the push over the edge to family annihilation.

    In this situation, basically, well, you're screwed no matter what. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

    And, as Hachemalum basically said, once you pay the Danegild, you get the Dane.

    Better is to not let people know what you have at home. Make that deposit, even if you hate banks. Get a great safe for the store and bolt it down. Not some crappy shoebox safe from Wallyworld, a real heavy safe. With really big arsed bolts into the ground. And make it difficult for anyone to get access to it.

    Never let the predators suspect what you have at home. That goes for guns. Carrying a rifle in a rifle case or pistols in pistol cases and ammo cans gives prying eyes a pretty good idea of what you may have, making you a target. They're fine if you're loading in a garage, with the garage door down, but don't do it if your car is outside and visible. Even in a gun-friendly state, there are evil forces out there that want your guns for themselves or for their leftist ways. Check out some guitar cases for your weapons, and put some music bumperstickers on them. Use toolboxes for pistols, ammo and range supplies, or a plain, un-tacticool backpack. Same with bringing things home from your favorite armory or depot store. Maskirovka – it's not just for the Russians anymore.

    Be careful out there.

  4. i know you're a preacher of some sort but with all due respect, you can't convince me that some things don't need shootin'.

  5. Those animals are just plain scum.

    Find them, try them, execute them.

    Don't even think of burying them next to human beings.

    Grind them up and feed them to the dogs.

    And pray that God will give a healing touch the soul of that child.

  6. I agree with the damned if you do, damned if you don't comment. Giving in may have resulted in all their deaths. A no winner. But it does teach "opsec" and "secprep". He totally failed on operational security. If even one person knew about his money, he failed. He also failed preparation security in he just wan't prepared. No weapon anywhere handy or accessible. Learn this lesson. Preparation is everything.

  7. And teach your kids to be alert and aware. And get and keep well-trained large dogs

    If your young un' comes home from school and doesn't shut and lock the door behind him next thing you know he and his sister are face down on the floor hoping that after the invaders have cleaned out the valuables, they won't shoot them in the head on the way out.

  8. Victims were Muslims. That explains the preference for money over children. Why worry about one child? There's a dozen more. Insh'Allah, and all that.

  9. And if he was thinking that giving up the money meant that the robbery was over and the killing was commencing? Once people this evil had what they came for, what was remaining value did this man and his family have to them?

    1. You don't hold the victims responsible in a torture or a rape.

    2. Don't keep valuables at home.

    3. Plan a defense.

    4. Plan an effective defense.

    5. Win or lose, go down fighting.

  10. 1.a weapon in every room and sometimes more than one type of weapon. FBI stats on intruder armament tells us all that intruders are not so kind hearted and more often than not are weaponed up. they are not in your home to give you a lollipop.
    2.if you have the weapons then have the training and make sure your personal rules of engagement are within the legal bounds. get educated! my personal belief is that there is no such thing as excessive force against an intruder in my home. but, that's just me.
    3.one if the best weapons at every persons disposal is a cell phone that is fully charged.
    4.have an outside phone box for the land line or an outdoors circuit breaker panel? put a padlock on it. anything that would take time or make noise to disable is a good thing.
    5. have a separate garage and separate shed in the back yard? ensure they are alarmed and secured if your' not in there.
    6.Urban neighborhood dogs bark for a reason after dark. dogs are very territorial and protective of their space. pay attention.
    7.needless to say, your personal safety is always in your own hands. the sheriff can't do anything until a crime is committed. you need to think that thru. always remember, in any case you cannot be held for a crime if you are dead.
    8.these thoughts were gained from my own experience but they are only worth what you paid for them. and yes, go down fighting.

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