A predictable tragedy in Paris

After the Charlie Hebdo attack last January in Paris, many predicted that it would not be the last such onslaught.  They’ve just been proven right.  Unfortunately, the obvious lessons of the earlier attacks had not been heeded, with the result that the latest terrorists were able to complete their carnage almost unhindered.  It appears, at least at present, that the victims didn’t even try to fight back.  I find this inexplicable . . . but that’s the way it seems to be.

Be that as it may, our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the dead and injured tonight.  Tomorrow, as the impact of this terror strike sinks in, one hopes that France will be much less wishy-washy than previously, and much more resolute, in its response – and that the rest of Europe will follow suit.  What happened in France today will – I say again, will – happen in other European countries in due course.  I should think it’s likely to be sooner rather than later.  Furthermore, I predict something similar will come to the USA before long.

Take heed, and make what preparations you can.



  1. " It appears, at least at present, that the victims didn't even try to fight back. I find this inexplicable . "

    Fight back how? One or two of the attacks were Muslims detonating their bomb belts. Nothing you can do if you happen to be close by.

    Most victims were shot dead by Muslims using kalashnikovs (or similar). How to fight back against that? Try — just try — to obtain a legal handgun, let alone a concealed or open carry permit. It's so hard as to be practically impossible.

    Europe's leaders have abandoned their people to the Muslim ghouls. Note that I wrote "Muslim", not "Islamist". The terrorists carrying out the attacks are the tip of the spear, the silent majority in the mainstream go along. Only a tiny minority of them will stand up against the terror in their midst.

  2. Nothing will be learned from this in Europe, not a single thing was learned by them in previous attacks. Already there are the apologists/bleeding hearts and the SJWs and Progressivists who are blaming racial discrimination and the right wing for 'pushing' Muslims too far and "causing" these attacks.
    I can see Chancellor Merkel in Germany declaring "embrace a Muslim day" and then telling the German people they'll let in another 500,000 refugees as a show of support for "peaceful Muslims".

    Until the Progressive elements in power are really kicked out at the ballot box and voted into oblivion at the polls is anything going to really change?.
    At least in the US, after 9/11 there wasn't a complete head in the sand attitude towards terrorism.

    Although I really question Obama's attitude and sentiment towards this latest attack. It's more hot air and platitudes from him and the White House, plus pointing the finger at an "extremely small minority" and again taking an ambiguous stand against militant and radical Islam.

    Make no mistake though, European governments may choose to do nothing, doesn't mean the European population as a whole will simply shrug their shoulders and go back to watching TV.

    I think the fuse has been lit in Europe and things are going to get very ugly against refugees and immigrants in the EU quite soon. A friend of mine as many relatives still in Belgium and they're really, really pissed off, though of course it never gets reported in the mainstream media.

    Major civil unrest is coming to Europe and unlike the US which has a much smaller percentage of unassimilated Muslims, Europe is going to experience what will essentially be an internal culture war or war between two very different civilizations.

    The US may have such an attack but it won't I think get as far nor be as successful, all it will do is inspire an attitude of retribution and a call for direct action against the responsible parties.

  3. @Anonymous: See my (linked) earlier posts. Hands, feet, knees, elbows and teeth all have their uses. You may die in the doing, but if enough of you get stuck in, the gunman WILL be disarmed. If you don't, the gunman will kill you anyway, and dozens more (just as they did in Paris today).

    Resistance may seem futile, but going out cowering on the floor pleading for your life doesn't appeal to me. I may be going to die, but I'm going to do my best to take the other bastard with me. That way, at least, others may survive.

  4. What annoys me is the inevitable litany of "we stand with France" comments that will come. Most of them will be meaningless words. If people want to stand with France, here's a place to start: Don't complain if France decides, domestically, to let GIGN and/or RAID off the leash – or if they do the same, internationally, with the Legion. The very best thing that can come out of a horror like this would be the French becoming well and truly pissed off.

  5. If you are a US citizen in a free state, get your CCW and a good carry gun. Learn to shoot it well. Carry it everywhere you can, and avoid the places you can't.

    I will predict this will happen in the USA, it will be in a gun free zone, and very likely in a gun ban state.

  6. From GRY, above:

    Until the Progressive elements in power are really kicked out at the ballot box and voted into oblivion at the polls is anything going to really change?

    Wonderful sentiment, but do you really think we can vote ourselves out of this?

  7. The truth is that as long as we stay on the coarse of European suicide this will only get worse. The truth is that "anti-racist" have done this by FORCING integration on mass. The only hope Europe has ,is the violent driving out of African and "other" races. Any other choice will lead to genocide. You and people like you are the root of this nightmare Peter. You have preached "race equality" and censored and silenced anyone that spoke out decrying it. You are just as guilty of this as any of the communist or "leftist" who have forced the multicultural BS down our necks in the name of Jesus or the UN. IMO you don't have the guts or personal insight to admit this to yourself or anyone else. If you really think that the "equality of man" and forced integration are right and needed , then own the outcome, because Paris and America's ongoing war with its African population are just the start of a planed global European genocide that WILL happen if we don't take violent action NOW to make it stop. Only the forced separation of the races and religions CAN make this escalating madness stop. EVERYTHING ELSE is stupid —and suicide.

  8. @Anonymous at 6:12 AM:

    1. You don't give your name, yet feel free to make personal attacks. This is cowardice.

    2. The 'forced separation of the races and religions'? Would you please give me a single example in human history where this has ever been successful? Just one? You can't, of course . . . because it's never been possible. Wherever it's been tried, it's failed.

    3. Ideology is trumped by reality. It's been that way throughout history. It'll be that way in this crisis, too, sooner or later.

  9. "You aren't shooting at John, whose mother is ill, and who's missing his girlfriend terribly, and who wants to marry her as soon as he can get home to do so. You're shooting at that enemy over there, the one who'll surely 'do unto you' unless you 'do unto him' first. "
    I just watched a documentary on the battle for Iwo Jima.
    Japanese soldiers there knew they were going to die. They had grenades to use to commit suicide after, for their Emperor God, they had killed the maximum number of Americans possible.
    Targets? "Things"?
    Yes. If you've forfeited your individuality in order to die for Allah, (or the Emperor), you aren't civilized.
    It's a totally different mindset, a totally different culture.
    The sooner we realize few countries have our values, the better.

  10. Our children are being taught today in our schools that if you are attacked and fight back you are just as guilty as your attacker.
    Thus we foster and encourage the cult of victimization.
    My kids and now the grand kids are being taught at home: If you start a fight what the school does will be trivial compared to what you get at home. If you are attacked, we expect you to put your attacker down, and we will deal with whatever punishment the school imposes.
    People are helpless victims because that's what they've been taught to be.
    Even so, I can't help but remember the passengers of Flight 93, those brave young men involved in that Paris train attack, the many mass shootings ended when some brave soul with a gun offered resistance. Not that you'll ever hear that tidbit reported in the media. That it ever happens simply does not fit with the current progressive narrative.

  11. Is it bad that my first thought upon reading "the gunman had time to reload three times", when it was being reported live, was "so why did nobody shoot the bastard?" Of course it's a simple answer, and it has to do with a crippling lack of firepower on the part of the victims.

  12. m4:

    First thought: if there were only three of four armed citizens in that Paris concert hall…

    Second thought: if gun carry was allowed in France, they would have ten or twenty times higher number of victims – EVERY FUCKING YEAR. Just by overreacting hotheads, kids playing with guns, overpenetration, accidental discharge etc…

    France is not USA. You usually can survive without guns – yet.

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