A “refugee caravan” with almost no refugees at all

About that “refugee caravan” currently making its way through Mexico to the US border:  it looks like it contains almost no “refugees” at all, but rather plenty of economic migrants, looking for a free ride at the USA’s expense.  Daily Wire sent a reporter to infiltrate the convoy and talk to its members.  It’s an eye-opening report, highlighting not only their real motivation, but also the very well-funded, well-organized network that’s trying to bring them into the USA, in defiance of our laws.  It’s nothing less than prearranged, politicized criminal conduct.

So, when pro-illegal-alien commenters rail against President Trump for his “inhumanity” towards these “refugees”, remember . . . they aren’t refugees, and it’s not inhumanity to block aliens from entering any country illegally.  On the contrary, it’s stopping potential criminals before they make themselves into actual criminals.  We don’t need immigrants like that, legal or otherwise.



  1. They are as much 'refugees' as all the military age young men who have 'refugeed' into Europe over the last 10 years or so.

    They should be treated as if they were mere parts of the Pancho Villa gang, and soundly thrashed if they step foot on US soil.

  2. There are, quite obviously, some other extremely-pertinent questions that that "embedded" reporter needed to ask those non-"refugees" – Such as:

    – What were you told/promised, back before you began this sojourn to the U.S.A., about what you would be given as food, water, medical assistance, nightly-shelter, transport and/or other assistance during your travel, and who told/promised this to you? Also, what convinced you that what you were told/promised was the truth?

    – Have you given any thought at all as to why or how the U.S. government may not be exactly "open" to your being able to go across the border(s) into the U.S., and to then stay there, simply because that is what you wish to do?

    The answers given by them to those (and other, similar) questions would seem to be of some serious interest to most U.S. citizens/legal residents…yes?

    North Carolina

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