1. There are a LOT of good people in the world. For all the tragedy, just look at the human response. Not the government response. Look at all the people who show up to rescue flood victims. Look at all the volunteers who months later are still showing up to clean up hurricane debris. Quiet. No tasking for anything. Just doing. There are a LOT of them, and the lack of visibility for them is tragic.

  2. Me too – damn dust!

    Thanks for sharing the clip – and I agree that there are a ton of good people that get no press other than occasional bits like this – doesn't fit the progressive narrative of only the government being a force for good

  3. Unfortunately, the uploader has not made the video available to be watched here in Oz.

    Sad, as I would like to see it.

    PS … and, yes, I know how to circumvent the geo-blocking, but I won't.

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