“A River of Horns” is published!

My latest Western novel, “A River of Horns“, fourth in the Ames Archives series, has been published in e-book format.  A print edition will follow soon

The blurb reads:

Walt Ames and his Texas partner, Tyler Reese, know that the U.S. Army is bound and determined to push the Comanche and Kiowa tribes onto the reservation for good. Once the Texas Panhandle is pacified, millions of acres of land will become available. They aim to be among the first to set up a ranch there – but that’ll take money… a whole lot of money.

How do you raise money for a cattle ranch? By selling cattle, of course! Buy them where they’re cheap, sell them where they’re dear, and use the profits to bankroll your project. It sounds simple – until storms, floods, fires, cow thieves and stampedes show up. They’ll have to buy their cattle in blood, as well as money…

I’ve previously put two snippets from this book on my blog, here and here, to give you a taste for it.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them, and I hope you like the book as a whole.  It’s based solidly on fact and historical evidence, unlike many Westerns, and tries to stick to the reality of Western life rather than the Hollywood and pulp fiction fantasy that never existed in reality.

As always, please leave an honest review on Amazon.com after you’ve read the book.  Reviews are the life blood of independent authors such as myself – without them, it’s very hard to spread the word about our books.  Thanks!


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