A road hazard I hadn’t foreseen

It seems there was a massive pile-up on Interstate 94 near Kalamazoo, Michigan, today, involving over 100 vehicles.  One of them was carrying fireworks – and it caught fire.  Here’s raw video of the result.

I’ve been on many roads and covered many miles, but I never considered encountering a burning fireworks truck!  Apparently the authorities forgot about fighting the fire and just concentrated on getting everyone a safe distance away.  Good call, I’d say!



  1. I once watched a convoy of Russian vehicles in which a truck carrying the ammunition caught fire. I think the smart thing would have been to get to a safe distance and watch the show, but they formed a line and were pulling crates of flares and cartridges off of it. I'm assuming nobody got hurt, because once the fire was out, they loaded everyone and everything into other trucks and off they went.

  2. Came over a hill one day to find a tractor trailer hauling burning rolls of hay stopped just there. A barn fire further up the road had initiated the rolling fire. Took out the truck/trailer/two oak trees/many feet of pavement, plus post detour and pre barn fire there was a fire in the ditch. Exciting day.

  3. Reminds me of that movie The Naked Gun when the fireworks factory caught fire.

    "Move along, nothing to see here."


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