1. When it happens and it WILL happen, I hope the camera is rolling and the video makes it to you tube. THAT will be worth watching.

  2. Hardly worth mentioning. Anybody can use that giant passing lane on the other side of the yellow line. Lane splitting and weaving through turning vehicles is where the real action is.

    stay safe.

  3. I watched 1:24 of this, no point in watching anymore, the rider wasn't impressing me with any 'skill', I was just looking at it to see when the luck ran out.
    Not here, but it will, sooner or later, but it will.
    I saw wayyyyy to many çhances' taken, without any apparent 'sizing up' of the action.
    Basically, too many years ago, (from 1967), I was taught by a pilot, "Drive your car (bike), as you would fly an aeroplane, be as far out front, and to each side, as you can be, KNOW your machine!, its systems, how they should feel, react, smell, and sound, and ALWAYS, plan for your OUT, where you have no choice of where to go, make the best of it".
    "Don't fly (drive/ride) paranoid, just do it smart, and you might live a bit longer".
    I realised much later, years later, what he was telling me, it's called 'Situation Awareness'. All the best LIVING fighter Pilots do it, no reason why they should be the only ones.
    Here endeth the lesson.

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