A seldom-seen airport

Here’s an interesting (and visually spectacular) video taken from an Embraer Phenom 100 VLJ (very light jet) landing at Narsarsuaq Airport in southern Greenland.  The airport was established by US forces during World War II for anti-submarine patrols and as a ferry airfield for aircraft transiting the North Atlantic Ocean.  It’s little used today except as a refueling stop for shorter-range aircraft like this.

Lovely scenery.



  1. I noticed the four letter designator, BGBW.
    Way back in WWII, I recall that these strips had çoded voice designators, like Bluie 2 West.
    Any info on the designator BGBW?.

    Oh, almost forgot.
    WOW!, fabulous vision, and the music wasn't half bad either.

  2. That is Bluie West 1, and it's 50 some odd miles up the fjord from the ocean… Helluva ride in bad weather, since you're actually BELOW the tops of the fjord… Did that in 1971 in an EC-121 with a fuel feed problem. And Bluie West 6 is now known as Thule.

  3. O/T, but thank you for your response to my eMail, Peter – I'm getting the book for myself, maybe I can get The Progeny to read it {she hasn't spoken to me for over a year 🙁 }

    Semper Fi'

  4. We stopped there in N96DQ on our trip to England with Liberty Belle and the RAF Red Arrows arrived while we were on the ground. I'll email you pics.
    The weather was great on the way out..not so much on the way back NDB teardrop (GPS overlay) to minimums starting from about 14000ft solid overcast over the beacon in icing….concentrates the mind.

  5. Reminds me of landing on Resolution Island back around 1995We were replacing the old DEW/ BMEWS radars with fully automated radar systems. The strip on the island was about 2100 feet above the ocean and about 100 feet wide. We flew in on a twin otter.

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