A simple question about electoral fraud – and an avalanche of confirmation


Larry Correia, whose comments about electoral fraud we’ve examined in these pages over the past week, decided to check with his online friends and colleagues whether it was as bad as he thinks.

I noticed yesterday that I was having lots of strangers show up to scream at me whenever I posted any information about election fraud, but they were all low information types just barfing up “fact checks” which was basically whatever the news had just told them, but none of them had the basic knowledge of how fraud works to even sorta discuss any of the actual data. So I got curious and posted the following on facebook:

One quick question, only answer if you have worked in auditing/stats/fraud/investigations/or other data analysis type fields. In your entire career, have you ever seen a case that threw up this many flags that DID NOT turn out to be fraud?

Again, flags are not proof. They are merely anomalies which would cause an auditor to check. Nor am I claiming this is a scientific poll (though I’d bet I’m still more accurate than Nate Silver!). There is of course a sampling bias as I know many of these people in meat space (and their resumes on this topic are killer) but it was also open to the public so anyone could comment and it got shared a hundred times.

The consensus thus far is overwhelming. No. Not only no but hell no. There have been a few hedging their bets (but they are still suspicious) and zero saying that there is nothing wrong (like in every single other thread, where I get screamed at by Dunning-Krugerands). I’m not claiming this is an accurate sampling of every professional of this type in America, but it is pretty telling.


Big Six accounting for four years. #4 global investment bank, running the antifraud unit, also for 4 years.



Worked in immigration fraud for many years and currently an Intel analyst at a different agency. Just the sheer number of statistical anomalies covered here and elsewhere raises so many red flags, it’s like all the coaches in the NFL started frantically tossing their challenge flags. Then there’s the poll worker shenanigans in Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania that tells me the Democratic city machines in those states were going “F****k, he’s behind! Quick, find more Biden only ballots!”…..


No. 25 yrs investigating financial fraud and money laundering. Where there is smoke there is fire. When you have this many unconnected witnesses saying the same/similar things, that is very strong corroboration. Not evidence of made up stories.


I was a CPA for 45 years and never saw anything as suspicious as this election.


25 years of investigating white collar crime, primarily complex DoD contracting fraud. Something with this many allegations would absolutely deserve a very thorough preliminary investigation. The Hunter Biden situation would have already gotten an accepted referral to an AUSA for gj subpoenas for records.


18 years insurance work comp fraud investigator.

This many red flags, I’d be able to retire on the billing.

There’s much more at the link, with many more comments.  They make interesting and entertaining reading.

Ignore the mainstream news media when they keep on bleating like sheep that there’s no electoral fraud, or that there’s no evidence for it.  There’s evidence in plenty – more than enough to prove criminal conspiracy, in my opinion.  I hope and pray that criminal charges and convictions result . . . but this is America, and politics tends to outweigh considerations of criminal justice.  If I have to, I’ll settle for overturning the fraudulent results, and awarding the election to the true victors.

There’s a whole lot more to come – at least thirty days more of this crap, and possibly longer than that.  The court cases may have been filed, but few have had even preliminary hearings as yet.  Take a deep breath, settle down, and keep your powder dry.  If these shenanigans aren’t overturned, we’re going to need it.



  1. Ah Peter, don't you *think* the Deep State-Socialist-Democrat scum that is running this Color Revolution hasn't war-gamed MERE Fraud FACTS getting in the WAY of the GRAND PLAN?

    The Red Guard is already busy destroying the "Four Old's"

    In your experience outside the USA where did Reason and Logic EVER overpower violent Communist Revolution?

    Should we invite them to tea perhaps where we can discuss like gentlemen our differences?

    The ballot box's last stand is Jan 20th 2021

    You have until then to prepare for the winter of our discontent, the Gulags and the Dark Winter Dr. Nazi keeps gleefully referring to as a new improved COVID is released to control the panicked by Media population.

    Is the plan to leave a bad taste in the mouth of the lions that devour us to the cheering crowds? I plan to break a tooth myself.

  2. The scum media saw fit to advertise that AZ went to Biden but did not bother advertise that Alaska and NC went to Trump.

  3. Dallas County has issues, lawsuits filed.

    Talking to folks about Tarrant County weirdness. Apparently Biden won, but the US Senate race went Red. WTF???

  4. Russian collusion was always a hook the left could hang their hats on, an excuse to label Trump an illegitimate President. But deep down in their dark and evil souls the real left wing operatives (not the useful idiots, but the movers and shakers and policy makers of that ilk) knew that Trump was their fault.
    You see, Hillary was going to win in a walk. All their friends said so. All the polls said the same. So their fraud, which always exists, every election since the country was founded at some level, was pro forma, phoned in with little enthusiasm and energy because it wasn't necessary. It was all just a matter of tabulating the votes and ushering in Obama's third term where they would finally seize total control of everything, destroy American as we know it, and join the world as just another socialist nation.
    It was not so much a vast left wing conspiracy, though elements of that were rather obvious, but more that everyone on the left felt obligated to correct the wrong that had been allowed to happen in 2016.
    Media in the tank? Obviously, with little if any attempt to hide it.
    Biased election officials willing to tilt the balance to one side? Heck yes, countless instances already coming to light.
    Common people embedded in a host of service organizations with some small ability to influence the process? Just look at sworn statements from a few Postal workers there.
    In aggregate, this entire election was a last gasp hail Mary attempt to bring every dirty trick in the collective left's ditty bag into play. And if what's left of our justice system cannot drag the evidence kicking and screaming to light, they could very well pull it off. And if they do get away with it the midterm election won't matter more that a pitcher of warm spit as theft of elections will become the standard we all live under, those of us left to care about it.

  5. The proper victor (DJT) renewing his oath in January is the start. Locking up thousands of Democrat operatives is the necessary second step. Or else there is no point pretending that we are still a nation of laws, or that elections have consequences, or that you vote actually matters.

  6. I think the JFK quote goes, "those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." If real legal consequences don't follow, and soon, the nasty stuff starts.

    I am blessed to be healthy and in good physical condition for a guy in my mid-60s, but I know I'm no match for any ground troop in any army. I'm not stopping anything and I regret passing on this situation to my kids.

  7. @ Michael: "Is the plan to leave a bad taste in the mouth of the lions that devour us to the cheering crowds?"

    No, no, no. That would be uncouth. The plan is to have orderly lines for the boxcars, to leave no litter in the transit ghettos, and to kneel politely at the edge of the pit without being told to do so. Anything else is "not who we are" and would be the worst of all possible examples of "sinking to their level."

    It's fun being on a team that never even tries to win, isn't it?

    1. I ain't gettin' in no boxcar. I wont amount to a speed-bump to any troop, but hopefully I'll take a couple with me, while my boys bug out… "AVENGE ME!!!"

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