A sneak peek for my readers

I asked Cedar Sanderson, long-time friend in meat- and cyberspace and an author and blogger as well, to design the cover for my new fantasy novel, the first I’ve written in that genre.  (You, dear readers, helped select it last year.)

Here’s what she came up with.

I’m working on the second half of the book as we speak, writing the last chapters, checking for continuity errors, refining a couple of plot points, and generally getting ready for publication within the next few weeks. Watch this space for details!



  1. Solid looking cover, I really enjoyed the excerpt you posted last year and look forward to reading this when it launches!

  2. Dang. I think that is a record, four book series from the same author to keep in my Kindle queue, plus OldNFO's two series (maybe three) and Lawdog's books. It's a good thing e-books don't take up any shelf space!

    Do you have an estimated release date for the next Maxwell or Laredo War books, plus the Ames Archives have gotten to an interesting stage too. Then there is your lovely wife… Will we be seeing something from Dorothy soon?

    There must be something in the water in Bugscuffle, I can't remember a similar concentration of good and productive authors in a small(er) town.

    Keep up the good work and TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

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