A sobering analysis of current US politics, and what lies ahead

A couple of months ago, fellow blogger Kevin at The Smallest Minority wrote what I think is an outstanding analysis of the current political violence, unrest and angst in America.  It’s long, but well worth your time to click over there and read it.  Here’s an excerpt.

The portion [of Progressive Modernists] that was ideologically more pure pursued the dream of eventual Utopia – in which, of course, they would be in charge.  The less ideologically pure pushed harder for that inevitable necessary Worker’s Revolution where they could seize the reins.  Both were mostly unopposed.  In 1960 John F. Kennedy was their King Arthur.  LBJ with his Great Society was the greatest thing to happen to Progressivism since FDR.  In 1964 Ronald Reagan gave a speech at the Republican National Convention, A Time for Choosing.  You should give that a listen.  Nobody then apparently did.  The people chose LBJ.  Richard Nixon was a sterling example of the faults of Conservatism and the Republican Party.  Jimmy Carter’s malaise worked greatly in their favor.  They suffered a bit of a setback with the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan, but George H.W. Bush wasn’t even a bump in the road.  Bill Clinton was a disappointment to them. He still pushed the Progressive Postmodernist agenda, just not as far or as fast as desired.  Bush 43 was a speed bump, but Barack Obama was their shining star.  Utopia was just over the horizon.  (I knew the end was near when Obama won his second term with a majority of the vote.)  Hillary might not bring it to fruition, but she would be another Great Leap Forward.

And then Donald Trump won the election.

Already mentally fragile, the Faithful went clinically insane.

That insanity was fed and nurtured by the Politburo. The media, entertainers, and other Faithful stoked it.  I’m not going to list all the examples, but you’d have had to be in a coma to have missed the last four years of increasing insanity.  It’s been a positive feedback loop.  Everything not explicitly Progressive Postmodernist is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum.  Why?  Because Marx says that a revolution of the Proletariat is a necessary step for the overthrow of the Bourgeoisie, but capitalism makes people comfortable and comfortable people do not revolt.  Everyone must be made a victim, miserable and righteously angry.  The effort over the last sixty years has been to balkanize the United States.  “Strength through Diversity” has become “Tribalism.”

“Diversity”, Thomas Sowell once commented, “is not strength.  The ability to deal with the problems caused by diversity is.  America’s ability to deal with these problems has been America’s greatest strength.”  “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” has never been more apparent.

The Progressive Postmodernists have identified the Bourgeoisie as anyone not explicitly a Progressive Postmodernist, but most explicitly Caucasians and mostly males.  If you are a white Progressive Postmodernist, you’re still suspect because of your inherent racism and privilege.  We’ve gone from Two Minutes Hate to non-stop hate.  The inherent contradictions in the Progressive Postmodernist platform are starting to show as they are beginning to Cancel each other, but through it all, Donald John Trump has been the catalyst to this particular reaction.

Trump has for the last four years shrugged off every attack as if he was dressed in Teflon coated Chobham armor, but now he’s up for reelection.  Another four years of Trump will further damage the advancements that the Progressive Postmodernists have made over the last thirty years.  So here’s the point (finally) of this essay:

The wheels come off the train and the train comes off the track in 2021, one way or the other.

The End of America has been predicted by many people for quite some time.  The Progressive Postmodernists appear to have decided that the time is ripe.  The national debt cannot be ignored forever.  The projected entitlement spending is unsupportable.  All their preparation of the battle space through balkanization has brought us to this point.  Black Lives Matter, itself organized and run by self-proclaimed Marxists, is the hinge on which the lid is swinging, but Pandora’s Box is certainly opening.  I don’t think we’re going to stop the greed, envy, hatred, pain, disease, hunger, poverty, war, and death that will come flooding out of it, and there most likely won’t be much around afterward to put them back in.

Here’s my prediction:  The 2020 election is going to be a clusterf***.  The Left does not intend to lose, and will do everything in its power to ensure that. … If they lose, the “peaceful protests” we’ve seen recently will seem like a walk in the park.  All those “defunded” demoralized police who are now terrified of doing their jobs, won’t.  And the Left will discover to their horror that the police aren’t there to protect the citizens from them, but to protect them from the citizens.  All those guns and all that ammunition that has been purchased since 2000?  Well, when Americans get to f***ery, it will be f***ery unlike anything seen before.  The question is, will that shock return them to sanity, or will it be all-out war?  I wouldn’t bet on sanity.  I’d bet on them doubling-down.

If the Democrats win … they’ll take it as a mandate to really crank up the Progressive agenda, and the millions of us who haven’t swallowed that ideology will be their sworn deadly enemies.  They have already weaponized the IRS and the Justice Department against Trump supporters, expect that to be cranked to 11 because the Deep State is deeply Progressive Postmodernist.  There will be a breaking point.  It might not be in 2021, but it won’t be long thereafter.

There’s much more at the linkHighly recommended reading.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Kevin at the annual Blogorado gathering.  I hope he’ll be there again this year, so we can compare notes on what we think is coming down the pike at us.  (For clarity, let me add that Blogorado is invitation-only.  I know some people have been offended at not being able to attend, but our hosts have made it a “closed shop”, as is their right.  It’s not an open convention.)

I fear Kevin is all too accurate in his forecast.  There’s so much angst on the progressive left of US politics right now that I don’t think they’re capable of thinking straight.  Extremists dominate political discourse – witness this behavior, and this comment, as the most recent examples.  How would any of us feel if someone were saying those things about us, or our loved ones?  Sadly, such comments and behavior beget equally extreme reactions on the other side.  I’ve heard more than a few comments along the lines of “shooting’s too good for f***ers like that”.  Nobody’s trying to “take the high road” any longer.

I have no idea who will win this election.  If the left dominates, those on the right will gird their loins and prepare for the fight of their lives, because they’re not about to roll over and surrender.  If the right wins, the left will do likewise.  There seems little, if any, willingness on either side to work together for the good of the country as a whole.  More and more, on both sides, it’s “my way or the highway”.

I can only suggest that all men and women of goodwill, regardless of our political views or persuasions, prepare for the coming storm as best we can, and do our best to get on with each other, even if others won’t.  We may be called to be islands of sanity in a raging sea of intolerance and conflict.  It’s a tough place to be.



  1. I cannot agree more with your suppositions. We are in the end game. The strategy of the left has been more and more apparent since the Clinton era. Before that I saw it as a battle of social ideas but with the advent of Political Correctness and other notions of 'correct thinking' I realized it was not about people but about control; a.k.a. changing our government from a representative republic to a socialist top down authoritarian one.

    My greatest fear is that conservative minded people will not react quickly enough to counter the final push of the left. Being of a more conservative mindset myself I understand we are slow to anger and are far more tolerant than one might think so we do not react 'instantly' to much of any kind of provocation short of physical attack. If we sit back too long we will find that beating back the onslaught of the left and its minions in the forms of BLM and ANTIFA and a countless number of other new 'activist groups' will become difficult and very costly in terms of blood and lives lost on our side.

    Yet, if we act first we will be labelled the aggressors by the media and the 'undecideds' (about 30 percent of the population) will come out in support of the left and government in the stomping out of our kind and we will be hard pressed to resist. As such we much wait until the left has committed itself to our nation's destruction. Once that is apparent, we will have the opportunity to drive them from the field of battle both in reality and in politics.

    We must win the coming battle both at the polls and in the streets if our nation is to survive. The reality is that anytime a nation becomes strong it is a ripe target for rebellion by those who are jealous of that power this nation represents. This has been repeated down through history as all of the greatest empires have fallen from within much more so than from without. The cancer of apathy as well as the actions of those who zealously want the power for themselves rots the very structures of society to such an extent that a nation collapses from the slightest attack.

    Much like honey draws flies we will be faced with tyranny such as we see represented by the left if we manage to continue our nation as it was founded.

  2. My election survival strategy:

    1 – stay off social media as much as possible.
    2 – don't feed trolls
    3 – meet and talk to people in person

  3. The sad thing is, on the right side of the political world, even amongst the angriest and most agitated, the feeling is if the Left would just stand down and even somewhat accept President Trump like the right did the previous president, then the world would be a shiny thing again.

    But, as you pointed out, forces exist that don't want the Left to mellow the frack out. There is good money and power in keeping up the insanity and in forcing the Balkanization of this great nation.

    Seriously, if the Left would take one step back from Teh Crazies, and control some of the more unhinged members, life could and would go back to normal.

    We on the right handled the continued marches and stupidity from Day 1 of Trump's candidacy as we always do, for the most part. Even Charlottesville would not have exploded into violence (all from the left, any violence from the right was a response to being attacked, contrary to what all the media reported, even the so-called-lady that died died more from her own health issues than any active measures, like, maybe if she and 50 others hadn't been pounding on her 'attacker's' car, she might not have had a heart attack..) if the mayor and police chief hadn't funneled the Proud Boys through lines of leftists (even though the PBs had a valid permit to gather and the leftists did not..)

    Seriously. If the Left de-escalated and mellowed out a tad right now, most of us on the right would accept it. We won't forget it, but we'll accept it.

    If, indeed, the cheating and the resistance is up to the level the Left has openly promised, then, unfortunately, we on the Right will end up fighting back. Though part of me thinks all the yelling and saying 'This is what we'll do' is an attempt to make some pseudo-rightwinger blow a gasket and start the culling process early, in order to justify the Left's actions.

    Sucks, it all sucks.

  4. False equivalence, if only if…

    Think what would happen if the GOP started acting like this. One example, is the GOP do not appoint judges who want a certain conservative position, and then twist the law to get that result. The Left / Democrats have gone full resistance / scorched earth against a President that would love to make deals. If the GOP acted like the Democrats, there would not be a huge backlog of confirmations.

    I see this as more of a ruling class / rich / oligarchy vs the middle class, and Trump is changing the GOP into more of a middle class party, including Blue Collar Workers. It's a huge change.

    Peter – A blog you may enjoy is meaninginhistory.blogspot.com – The blogger is very Catholic and in his non DOJ Scandal posts, is very philosophical.

    >There seems little, if any, willingness on
    > either side to work together for the good of
    > the country as a whole.

  5. @Glenda – typical older conservative … you worry far too much about your 30% in the middle. When violence is unleashed, everybody gets to be on a side.

  6. Donald Trump is the last Republican President of the United States. After him, the deluge. Either the Democrats will make certain that the people are never allowed to "vote incorrectly" ever again, or there will be no USA.

    Civil War 2.0 begins next year, no matter who wins. It may take two to tango, but it only takes one side to start a war. And the Democrats have been at war with America for over a century. We on the right are just now, finally, beginning to wake up and fight back.

    Mountains of skulls, rivers of blood, and oceans of tears are the future, one way or another.

  7. "This is what happens when the people of a country forget God."

    How many times did I hear that when I was growing up a decade or two ago. I heard it so often it was a cliche. I thought that it was just reverends and ministers trying to insert themselves into politics where they didn't belong.

    Now. I realize it wasn't a cliche. It was the truth, if stripped of context and so poorly expressed that it became a platitude.

    When a people has forgotten God, then they have forgotten that there is a higher power than man. They have forgotten that there are laws that man must abide by, laws that a government must respect or it becomes tyranny. Man doesn't create those laws.

    If there is no God, then the only rules are what man makes for himself. My generation was brought up to see only the freedom in a world without rules, but older generations knew the implications of that world and called it what it was. Law of the Jungle. If man makes the laws, there is no objective good, only power and the will to use it. A world free from the laws of God is a world of mobs and oligarchs, dancing to a morality that changes as fast as clothing fads come and go.

    A world without God is one without rest. God's rules are simple. Love God and love your neighbor. If this is not enoug, there is an entire book of God's commandments on how to live a good and moral life that pleases him. If there is no God, there can be no rest, because you can never truly know if you're a good person. You must constantly prove it to everyone around you. And the standard you must live up to changes every day.

    Without God, man cannot be equal, for there is no standard that makes the pauper equal to the rich man, no standard that makes the criminal equal to the oligarch.

    And without God, there is no final judge that a man must justify himself before. That is why the Godless are so quick to condemn for even the slightest apparent misdeeds, and the politicians so shameless in their conduct. If they have the power, nobody can hold them accountable.

    I thought this was a myth when I was young. I thought that people were basically good, even if they didn't believe in God. Now I see the laws, customs and habits we build when we feared God, and how those fray and fade away generation by generation.

    But I have hope. God does exist. I don't have to wrestle with the world to change society. That's God's job. I just have to follow His laws and wait for His call.

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