A tongue-in-cheek look at an Air Force veteran


Here’s what its creator terms “A Hastily Created Documentary on the A-10 Warthog“.  I had to laugh.  It’s only about 3 minutes long, but it’s fun.

A few grunts of my acquaintance, who relied on the Warthog to pull their butts out of trouble in the sandbox over several tours, also laughed as they watched it.  I daresay even the A-10’s pilots will enjoy it.



  1. At the start of Iraqi Freedom I worked a deal where the A-10 pilots had mil internet and telephones in their hooches. I take the 5th on what they provided us.

    After the kick-off I watched the pilot that I had brokered the deal limp back to the base. He was missing an engine with that side of the tail and about 6 feet of wing on the opposite side. It had holes all over. "Soup" was grinning and wanted another A-10 so he could go back and finish the fight. I later found out after he had expended all of munitions he was making low level passes to get the Iraqi's to expose themselves firing at him so the other A-10 would take them out.

  2. In 1981 as a junior in high school and a member of Air Force JROTC, I witnessed a 2 second test firing of the GAU-8A from 40 forty feet away. This was at Eglin AFB, FL. The thunder and hot gasses were overwhelming. I'll never forget it.

  3. That was freaken hilarious. We machine a lot of air frame parts for the A-10. Best run program in the military by far. I'll be passing that video around.

  4. A-10.. ahh the sound of them lulled me to sleep at Baghgram (my hootch was right next to the A-10 and Predator "pits" from which they launched…) many a comfy night sleeping hearing the engine wind up…

  5. Last aerial refueling mission I was able to use the boom on a KC-10 was with 3 flights of 4 A-10s from Davis-Monthan AFB. I was pretty sick with Addison's disease (had it 3 1/2 years before a sharp Flight Doc spotted me issue) at the time (weighed in at 128 lbs, normal weight 165). Didn't put a scratch on any of them, but they did have to carry me off the aircraft. My last real mission as a USAF aviator, as the medical hobby shop grounded me.

    The tanker deck angle when refueling the A-10, put us at almost stall speed while the A-10 was peddling as fast as they could to get their gas.

  6. Funny!
    Saw a back window decal "A10 Driver" on a car in a grocery store parking lot in Sun Prairie, WI. I hung around a bit trying to meet the driver but gave up when it started to look like I was a stalker.

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