A totalitarian onslaught against freedom on a worldwide scale


Novelist Ian Fleming had his James Bond character opine, “Once is happenstance;  twice is coincidence;  three times is enemy action”.  That’s a yardstick that’s been used by many organizations to assess what’s going on in the world, whether at war (as Fleming did when he worked for a British military intelligence organization during World War II) or at peace.

There are so many signs of organization behind the current chaos and disorder in the world that I’m forced to the conclusion it’s not actually chaos and disorder at all.  It’s enemy action:  organized, planned, and being carried out on a scale so vast it’s almost unthinkable.  Yet, when one examines the evidence, it’s extremely difficult to come to any other conclusion.  Let me lay it out, and see what you think.

I’m going to take several seemingly unrelated issues, examine each of them, then see whether they make more sense in isolation, or as part of an interwoven whole.  Let’s start on a smaller scale, with mass shootings in the USA – particularly the Buffalo shooting last weekend.  The shooter’s alleged manifesto or proclamation was initially scrubbed from the Internet whenever and wherever it appeared.  However, enough copies were cached that eventually whoever was behind that gave up the attempt, and it’s now available from multiple sources.  (See, for example, here, if you’re interested.)

The manifesto reads like a wish list from the ATF and other anti-gun campaigners.  Everything they’re trying to ban or limit or restrict is listed in laborious, exhaustive detail – far more so than in other shooter manifestos I’ve read.  It’s as if someone carefully prepared this manifesto as the foundation for legislative or regulatory action against those things, as soon as possible after it was made public.  The document also contains large sections of text basically lifted word-for-word from the manifesto of a mass shooting in New Zealand, as if the author couldn’t be bothered to come up with his own justification in his own words and did it the lazy way.  Finally, the tone and language and grammar of the document changes multiple times, as though it had been written by multiple persons.  Anyone with linguistic education will pick up on that right away.

There are many more problems with the manifesto that others have uncovered:  see, for example, The Intrepid Reporter’s (rather profane) analysis here, or a much shorter comment here.  Suffice it to say that I’m far from convinced that the manifesto is the work of the alleged shooter.  Rather, it looks to have been tailor-made as a springboard for anti-gun, anti-Second-Amendment proceedings.  It’s tailored to the needs of its proposed audience, those who support the Biden administration and liberal anti-gun sentiments.  Go read it for yourself, look into the factors I’ve mentioned, and tell me I’m wrong.  (While you’re doing that, consider the FBI’s involvement in so many recent “extremist” cases such as the alleged plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan.  I’m hard pressed to think of any such case where the FBI wasn’t involved in organizing, aiding or abetting it before it went down.  The Buffalo shooting appears to display similar fingerprints.)

Also, while you’re at it, tell me why so many other recent mass shootings perpetrated by non-white criminals have simply dropped out of sight in the mainstream media.  It’s as if they aren’t newsworthy because their perpetrators aren’t of a politically incorrect race.  However, the Buffalo shooting, where a white shooter targeted black victims, is suddenly everywhere in the news.  Yes, I find that suspicious.  It’s almost as if it were deliberately being used as a casus belli to whip up minority outrage against other races.  What if there are a couple more such shootings?  Will we see BLM and Antifa lead mobs of rioters and looters on our streets again?  I won’t be surprised if we do.

Putting all those factors together, I believe that the powers that be are deliberately cherry-picking incidents and orchestrating the response to them, both in the mainstream media and among minority groups.  They want to use them to foment unrest and violence.

Next, let’s look at the impending famine worldwide.  I’ve written about it often enough in recent weeks (most recently here) that I’m sure you don’t need me to recap all the details.  Michael Yon, who’s as bearish on the subject as I am (if not more so) – after all, he and I have both seen famine at work at first hand in the Third World, and we know what we’re talking about – said last week:

Famine creates famine, as war creates more war, fire creates fire. Famine collapses economies and destroys — physically destroys — critical infrastructure and social order required to produce food. Starvation feedback loop.

For the first time in generations, USA, Japan, and Europe will be unable to help without neglecting their own people. OGUS already is leaving American babies crying in hunger while feeding US-Russia war.

Global genocide is unfolding. Among the educated, only the blind and true conspiracy theorists will miss it. Until it eats them.

There’s more at the link.  This morning, he added:

If you study famine now — and there is no time to waste, cancel vacation — you will have a vital roadmap to getting through this. Most famines are amazingly survivable for those who saw it coming and ducked.

There is great value in finding experienced preppers and listening closely. There is also a great value that few talk about — just study history for the patterns.

Be not Afraid — those who study and prepare will talk about this for the rest of their lives.

Again, more at the link.

Mr. Yon speaks of the famine as genocide:  “the deliberate murder of a whole community or race”.  Is he wrong?  I’m not so sure he is.  After all, when one looks at the growing worldwide famine, one of the things one can’t help but notice is the coordination behind official responses to it.

For example, Kit Knightly sees that coordination in the sudden boosting of genetically modified foods by all and sundry.

The proposed [Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill] … follows on from DEFRA’s announced “loosened regulation” of genetic research back in January.

To quote the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB), the legislation would “take certain precision breeding techniques out of the scope of restrictive GMO rules”.

Essentially, this would see new “gene-edited” foods as distinct from old-fashioned “genetically modified” foods, and therefore not subject to the same rules and oversight.

. . .

What’s noteworthy is – by pure happenstance, I’m sure – it appears to coincide with a renewed push on the GM food front in other countries all over the world.

In December 2021, Switzerland added an amendment to its moratorium on GMO crops, permitting the use of certain “gene editing” techniques.

Last month, Egypt announced their new strain of GM wheat. Just two days ago, Ethiopia’s National Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center announced they had researched, and the country will now be growing, genetically modified cotton and maize.

Despite Russia’s sweeping ban on the cultivation and/or importing of genetically modified crops, they have nonetheless created a 111 billion Ruble project to create up to 30 varieties of genetically edited plants and farm animals.

Britain’s deregulation of GM food is always described as a “post-Brexit” move – with the EU chided around the world for its “precautionary principle” on GM crops – and yet as long ago as last April, the EU was calling for a “rethink” on GM crops.

In fact, just today, European Biotechnology Magazine reports:

The EU Commission has launched its final consultation on the deregulation of new breeding techniques in agriculture

So, we’re seeing a sudden increase in the variety of GM crops available and a simultaneous push for deregulation of the industry in Western nations.

Why would they be doing this now?

Well, there is a food crisis.

Or, more accurately, they have just created a food crisis. And as the cliched Hegelian dialectic inevitably goes, their manufactured “problem” is now in need of their contrived “solution”.

We should expect to see genetic engineering pitched as a solution to our food crisis in the very near future…like yesterday. Or indeed, two months ago.

That’s how fast they work now, with barely a pretence at concealing the plan. Spitting out the answer so fast they make it obvious they knew the question beforehand.

More at the link.  Do, please, follow the link at “just created a food crisis” and read that article carefully.  The author makes a strong case that what we’re seeing today is not accidental, but planned.  If you read further in the article above, you’ll find that a coordinated campaign appears to be ongoing in international mainstream media to promote the use of GM seeds and foods, as if to support the new laws and regulations and new strains of seed that are “suddenly” being announced.  Left unspoken is that those who hold the patents on the new GM foods (and who own the farms that grow them) will make yet another fortune, while those who don’t use them will be marginalized – perhaps left without food altogether.  It’s more than enough to make you think very hard.  The author goes so far as to call it “the next stage of the Great Reset?”

In the second article, Knightly sums up:

In summary…

1. A war which did not need to happen is driving up food and oil prices.

2. Sanctions which did not need to be put in place are also driving up food and oil prices.

3. Western allies are intentionally raising their oil prices.

4. Despite warning of a food crisis, US and UK are paying farmers not to farm.

5. A “bird flu epidemic” very much like the fake Covid “pandemic” is driving up the price of poultry and eggs.

6. Western companies are actively making the fertiliser shortages worse.

7. Bizarre fires are crippling large sections of the US food industry.

Taken individually maybe these points could all be seen as mistakes or coincidences, but when you put them all together it’s not hard to spot the pattern. The press may claim we are “sleepwalking” into a food crisis, but it looks more like they’re running head-first into it.

After years of saying there’s a food shortage on the way, it looks like they might be about to finally actually create one.

More at the link.

I’m looking at the same evidence from the other side of the Atlantic, and I can’t dispute Mr. Knightly’s analysis at all.  Mr. Yon’s allegation that what we’re seeing is preparation for genocide looks more and more convincing when you put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together.

Let’s look at the COVID-19 pandemic as another example of an internationally planned conspiracy.  From its obscure origins (which are still being deliberately obfuscated by China and the World Health Organization), to vaccines that have proven anything but effective (but have made billions for those creating and selling them) and have had side-effects that may kill or cripple millions of people, to attempts to cover up the whole mess . . . we all know what’s been going on.  Yet, despite their failures, official bodies like the CDC are still trying to reimpose mask mandates that have been proven not to work.  The complete disappearance of influenza cases from world health statistics during 2021-2022 is yet more evidence that an ordinary illness was misdiagnosed as a pandemic – yet few people ever talk about it.  There’s so much evidence of conspiracy behind COVID-19 that it’s overwhelming, yet the mainstream media resolutely refuse to discuss it.

COVID-19 provided a live experiment in real time of how a manufactured health crisis could be used to control people, to force them to conform to official dictates.  That’s why the WHO and numerous governments are currently trying to impose new health care mandates that will override national laws and constitutions, as we discussed a couple of days ago.  Pandemics offer a way to bypass all restrictions on control, destroy individual and national rights and freedoms, and impose a dictatorship of science and health (although in reality they’ll just be fronts for the oligarchs and others who are pulling their strings).  We’ve talked about this before, so I won’t bother to go into details again.

(Oh – an interesting twist, in the light of the discussion above on genetically edited, or engineered, or modified foods.  Remember that scientists are trying to add COVID-19 and other vaccines to edible plantsAs you eat your salad, you’ll be vaccinated whether you like it or not.  Interesting combination of interests, isn’t it?  Scary, too, given the disastrous side-effects of some COVID-19 vaccines . . .)

Let’s turn to the policies of the Biden administration – or, at least, what we call the Biden administration.  In reality, of course, it’s not his administration at all.  He’s senile.  He’s not capable of thinking of anything much, let alone policies and governing the country.  He’s being manipulated as a “front man” by much more sinister forces behind him.  Elon Musk was absolutely correct when, a couple of days ago, he said that “The real president is whoever controls the teleprompter … The path to power is the path to the teleprompter.”  Biden’s no more than a figurehead.

The policies of the administration are clearly designed to disrupt, if not destroy, the US economy as it’s presently structured.  Just look at fuel.  Its price has more than doubled since the administration took office;  vital pipelines have not been approved;  vital drilling permits have not been issued and some existing permits have been canceled.  If they wanted to make fuel more expensive and harder to get, they couldn’t possibly have done a better job.

Look at employment.  Unemployment benefits are still so high that it’s more cost-effective for blue-collar workers to be unemployed than to find work – but businesses are desperate for workers, and are scrambling to fill vacancies at great cost to themselves.  I’m seeing this at first hand as I struggle to complete renovations and upgrades to our home.  Contractor after contractor has had to postpone coming out here because their staff is so overworked, they have to give priority to bigger and more important customers.  Some have actually turned down my request for a quotation, saying they can’t take on any new business because they don’t have the staff to do so.  Yet, the administration continues policies that make it more difficult for businesses to employ the people they need.

Look at inflation.  It’s not just the current administration that’s laid the foundation for what we’re currently experiencing:  it’s been going on under both Democratic and Republican administrations for years.  However, the past year and a half has seen enormous additional expenditures and outlays that have made the situation much, much worse.  The current administration is responsible for that, and its fiscal recklessness has doubled down on inflation to the point that it’s become stagflation.  The economy and the fiscus are being totally, and in my opinion deliberately, mismanaged.  We’re all feeling the pain – and it’s going to get worse.

I could go on and on about the fecklessness and misguided policies of the administration, except that I no longer believe they’re either feckless or misguided.  They’re deliberate, IMHO, and what we’re seeing in our economy is nothing less than a deliberate attempt to collapse it.  The powers that be appear to believe that they can impose their brutal agenda on this country if they smash it first – and, at least in the “blue” parts of the country, they appear to be succeeding.

Look, too, at the invasion of our country by illegal aliens, aided and abetted by the administration.  Literally millions have swarmed into the USA since the administration took office, and millions more will be coming.  We spoke about the worldwide refugee crisis earlier this week.  It’s getting worse by the day, and will continue to do so.  Michael Yon, yesterday:

My estimate: Panama migration corridor will explode in December/January far beyond any historical volumes.

1) Darien area dry season normally begins late December. Migration volume increases annually at this time.

2) Global famines/collapses creating massive HOP — Human Osmotic Pressure.

3) USG is facilitating smooth flows through Darien up to Costa Rica.

Literally millions could come through Panama 2023, and even more in 2024. Especially by bypassing Darien by using boats from Colombia. This thought already is being floated here.

More at the link.

Mr. Yon has already pointed out how the US government and left-wing aid agencies (take a bow, George Soros!) are actively aiding and abetting the flow of illegal aliens through the Darien Gap and Panama to our border with Mexico.  IMHO, it’s little less than treason.

A few days ago, Mr. Yon proceeded to link famine to the Darien Gap situation.  Some people (perhaps many) will find his conclusions far-fetched.  I’ve had all too much experience in the Third World, including real famine.  I don’t.

OGUS [Occupying Government of the USA] is setting stage for e-rationing.

Attacking babies with a contrived shortage [of baby formula] evokes emotional anchor to force people into emotional corner.

. . .

Can’t make an omelet without cracking some babies.

Psaki blames ‘hoarders’ for lack of baby formula as she pushes the narrative to send 40 billion more dollars in American labors into the US-Russia war in Ukraine. Accelerating the global famine. A famine on schedule to begin this year and devastate much of the world in 2023-24 and beyond. After that 40 billion, they will demand another harvest of American wealth and blood to defend Ukraine, the country that paid off crack-addict Biden and “The Big Guy.”

Note: All governments always blame hoarders for the food shortages during famine. All. Always. They cause the events. Then blame the victims. They institute price controls, rationing systems, and start raiding homes and others for ‘hoarding.’ Expect raids in the future. Remember they did same with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment like masks and gloves) at outset of pandemic. AFTER the government had depleted strategic inventories Before the pandemic).

This is an attack. We are under attack.

Meanwhile, here in Panama, the Darien Gap is being prepared for a fantastic surge in ‘migration’ later this year. Dry season begins December/January and will coincide with serious onset of famine in areas around the world. Famine will create increased HOP — Human Osmotic Pressure — that will pump massive invasion into United States as our coffers are bled dry, American babies have no formula, and our own food supply thins by the hour.

Predictably, there already are proposals to send American food inventories abroad to assuage famine. This is a fool’s game. At best. At worst this is another form of direct attack. After all, we simply do not have enough food. Period. They will still starve to death a little later, or be energized to move somewhere else such as to America to help Americans starve to death.

The United States is creating condition for actual famine in United States. Famine as in not just food shortages but people eating people and people being eaten by birds.

More at the link.

I could go on, and on, and on, picking on events and trends and incidents and using them to support my case:  but what’s the point?  If I haven’t given enough evidence already to convince you, you won’t change your mind if I provide more.  To my mind, the accumulation of evidence in all these separate areas is utterly convincing when you put them all together.  We are not facing a series of accidents, or coincidences, or unrelated trends.  We’re seeing multiple facets of the same threat to our independence, our constitution, our human rights.  We’re seeing a totalitarian onslaught against freedom on a worldwide scale.

The USA has always been a beacon of freedom.  Unless we wake up, and do something about this, that will end Real. Soon. Now.

In the light of everything I’ve discussed, I challenge anyone to tell me I’m wrong, and make a convincing case.  I’m listening.



  1. Cannot disagree with Michael Yon nor your report and extra data Peter.

    We are at war. Action stations.

    Plant potatoes nothing the Gov.com can do will stop potatoes from sprouting, rain from falling, the sun rising but WE have to DO our part to get more potatoes.

    For the nitpickers, sorry I didn't list every other food available. Feel free to plant frozen pizza and get back to us how it went 🙂 (Sarc tag for the confused).

    GET BUSY, the smoke your smelling is YOUR Family Home. DO Something stop yapping please.

  2. The Buffalo shooters manifesto seems modeled after several others, especially the NZ shooter. Really seems like they took someone elses' and modified it for themselves.

  3. An anecdotal data point, when I was still in high school, I used to do tense shifting quite a bit in my writing. Had a English teacher who finally gave me extra work to correct it.

  4. I can't disagree… but what do we do about it?

    We can grow our own gardens and try to avoid the notice of powerful men, but the people who are inflicting this on us are beyond our reach. Not metaphorically; I mean literally-and-physically, not-even-in-an-adjacent-time-zone beyond-our-reach.

  5. Stack it high.

    White buckets of food, thoroughly spattered with paint and piled haphazardly under dirty old tarps in the corner of the garage.

    Stealth gardens in common spaces, and arranged into attractive patterns on your own property.

    Storage units with boxes marked "XMas Decor" rented nearby, especially if you have a variation of your name you can use.

    Books on foraging and wild sources of greens in your area.

    Old cookbooks with recipes for "getting by" like making 3 ingredient cake.

    Snares, traps, and unattended fishing techniques.

    Buy a spatula and start using it NOW to get every drop from jars, every speck from the mixing bowl.

    Re-read the directions on every packaged product you use, and see if you can use less. I'm betting you use 3-4x more toothpaste than needed, ditto for dish soap, shampoo, or any "dipping sauce" or condiment on a plate.

    Cook less or save and use the leftovers.

    Feed your compost bin, or stock pot with all your cuttings from the veg you're cooking for dinner.

    And if you've got all that sorted, invest in a good charcoal filter for your kitchen vent fan, you don't want cooking smells going out the pipe when the zombies are hungry.


  6. Yep, manifesto was plagiarized from the New Zealander's one…

    Not saying you're wrong, and we DO need to pay attention, especially in light of the additional issues in the financial markets eating our 401Ks.

  7. All of Nick's advice is sound but you can't store you way out of a globalized famine. You really can't run or hide and despite what Micheal said, the government can destroy your potatoes or confiscate them for hoarding

    You need to make friends as many as you can trust, get organized and be willing to fight.

    I won't tell anyone to engage in violence, its not legal or my job to decide when but we all know it is inevitable.

  8. I'm arguing that you can ease your way through it.

    Part of that is being in the right sort of community, most especially not in a vibrant blue city. Anywhere they sell live chicks in the hardware store is probably ok.

    I'd rather have a cup of rice a day to supplement whatever else there is, and a couple of bottles of vitamin supplements, than not.

    Two cups of dry rice a day is 275 pounds a year. 36 pounds of rice per 5 gallon bucket equals about 8 buckets. Depending on when you put it away, white rice costs between 30c and 80c per pound. Call it 50c. So for 275$ you can keep your family of 4 from starving for 2 years. (plus the cost of buckets and lids, $50.)

    I'm suggesting that you'd have to be reckless or insane not to spend $400 on insurance like that.


  9. You can take the exercise as far as you want…

    You will lose weight on any restricted diet, but maybe not as much as those around you, so do you have some clothes a couple of sizes too big? They will hang on you and make you look like you've lost weight. Or they might be cover garments for your armor and chest rig…if you go that way.

    How many antibiotics do you have stashed? How about lice treatments? De-wormers? Anti-diarrhea? Some jock itch cream? Miconazole for your female friends?

    TEOTWAWKI isn't the end of the world. There are still Romans in Rome, and some of us WILL get through what's coming. You've got a better chance if you prep and do the math like your life and the lives of your loved ones depend on it.

    There will always be those who can't get serious enough.

    Someone on another blog a few years ago wrote a very well reasoned article that your SHTF garden plan should involve RoundUp and hybrid seeds. He got STOMPED in the comments by the anti-roundup and organic gardeners but his point was valid. Niceties go away when you are facing starvation, and the best chance of getting a productive garden from scratch was to use every tool available, and that meant pesticides and hybrids. If you don't get a harvest, you die. That changes the calculus in my mind.

    So, prep and try, or take your chances that the FEMA camps won't be full of violent cartel 'bangers when you get hungry enough to throw yourself on their mercy, if there is even enough of civilization left to run a camp….


  10. 5stonegames you jump a bit far in your assumptions.

    Food is a critical need. No amount of bullet humping goes far when they are starving. I've studied the Holodomor and was working medical missions in Bosnia during the ethnic cleansing. I know more about how people really survived in such horrors than most folks.

    Many Kulaks that survived the Holodomor hid barrels of cabbages and potatoes in the woods and planted hidden gardens. I myself have hidden potatoes in HOA flower gardens successfully as well as Malabar Spinach and cabbages. Most folks would never know if it's not in straight rows and all that "Farm stuff".

    But those Kulaks had to live with their neighbors starving and hiding their food from them because they couldn't feed them all. Survivor guilt is real.

    Bosnia folks getting ambushed trying to find food, old women trying to find wild crafted "safe to eat" stuff anywhere to add to the family soup pot. People getting sniped going to the NATO food drops and other joys of urban warfare.

    Children overjoyed if you could give them a bit of your MRE so they could run home to give it to their family. I lost a fair bit of weight there and was hurt I couldn't do more.

    I've seen the horrors of what people can do to "Others". They are not your neighbors anymore, they are "Others", they are not your family, they are "Others". I saw what Christian Families did to a girl that happened to love a Muslim Man before the war and still did. As brutal and nasty as anything you heard of ISIS, let me assure you.

    I'm not a pacifist. But my first priority is the basics, protecting my family. My pigs will take care of any that threaten them. Then maybe I'll worry about saving the Republic and the world. Or not.

    Plant potatoes it's a start. Takes TIME and Effort. In my gardening experience about 100 days before you get to eat some. ONE good sized potato has more belly filling calories than a bucket full of wildcrafted greens. That's real world.

  11. Nick, not to argue with you but Roundup is very HARD on Non GMO veggies.

    It has a half-life depending on how biologically active the soil is of years before you can grow Heirloom Veggies there. I lost a raised bed for 3 years from using Roundup-Grazon (both pretty similar)straw for mulch.

    I am just now able to grow decent heirlooms there.

    Look for dandelions, Generally where they grow the soil is decent and little to No Roundup there. Dandelions were BROUGHT here by our forefathers from Europe to be a spring tonic herb during Spring, also known as the Starving Season as the root cellars were near empty and months before plantings became harvest.

    All parts of the dandelion is edible.

  12. I believe BCE pretty well nailed it. Do all you can to provide for your own needs and protection. No one is going to save us. Prepare as best you can.

  13. I've come to realize normalacy bias is in part fueled by people are exhausted from all the various crises we have been facing. Most people are carrying on as normal. I'm amazed that the people I talk to don't seem to acknowledge what is taking place, but I've come to understand they are past their limit, they just can't take one more crisis (pandemic, unemployment, death of friends and family, inflation, the list goes on).

    Also, people really don't look at patterns. My family thinks I am nuts for sharing Peter's opinion, but patterns mean something. The American ideal is under assault and a great majority of the Federal government is aiding and abetting the enemy. Also, ask yourself how could this get worse? Answer – Electricity goes out. Think what will happen to the big cities without air conditioning in July or August. (What depends on electricity? Food, clean water, working plumbing)

    What to do? Even if you could shoot 100 of the most guilty without getting caught there are 1000's more involved in this, look at the way our elections were stolen. There are already millions of illegal aliens in our country. There are millions depending on the government to feed them.

    The most we can do is look after our families. I live in a rural area and as far as I can tell my neighbors are carrying on as though this was 2017 or 2018.

    By the way, stock more than you need. You can't think of everything, be ready to trade. What friends or family would you not turn away? Can you care for your pets?

  14. For those who believe that the famine won't be that bad in the US because there will be food available. In almost every famine in history there was always at least some food, but for various reasons it was priced above the ability of most people to afford it. For example I was at Sams Club last week, eggs ,a basic food staple, were over $3.50 a dozen. If your food budget can't support eggs at more that $2.50 a dozen, there are no eggs for you.
    I have dietary restrictions, but store things like rice, pasta and beans because I'd rather have neighbors as allies than enemies. I may need to arm neighbors to form a group for protection, and I prep for that too. This may be a risky solution, but I ain't Rambo and can't hold off the entire world by myself.

  15. Xoph you'd make a good neighbor 🙂

    It takes trusted friends working together to get things done. It takes caring for each other to keep those trusted friends in your group.

    But sometimes we have to allow non-serious play for ourselves and family.

    My wife knows troubles coming and sometimes I am amazed at what she finds to show me, instead of the usual I told her. She CAN step outside normalcy bias, now and then. It's a nice surprise 🙂

    But I DO take her out to lunch often, encourage her to buy her used reading material as she needs the non-serious now and then.

    “Stare into the Abyss” is from the quote by Nietzsche: “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.” It means if you contemplate evil too much, you will become evil yourself.

    I fear those that are too well armed but short on food and safe water. The Sheepdogs that go feral will be put down.

  16. Dear Preacherman,

    I have been enjoying your writing for years. You are far smarter than me. I would like to suggest that you are going off a bit to far into the conspiracy weeds these last few years. As an example-

    GM crops are not bad. All crops were originally created by men selecting random mutations that spontaneously appeared. GM crops are people intentionally changing the DNA of plants, instead of sitting around waiting for these changes to appear randomly. GM crops are not dangerous, any more than eating crops altered randomly by mutation (ie, every crop ever).

    Please consider broadening the sources you read.

  17. @Unknown at 10:18 AM: I don't believe all GM crops are bad. I actively looked for enriched rice when it was available (until the anti-GM crowd banned it from US shelves), and coming from Africa as I do, I'm well aware of the benefits of GM corn that can withstand drought conditions. However, there is also the bad side to GM crops: they can be engineered to do more than just provide food benefits. What that is, and whether it's a good thing or not, is usually not discussed or even disclosed – witness the sources to which I linked in the article above. I most certainly won't buy any food crop that I know (or even suspect) might be used to vaccinate me against any disease at all. How do I know whether or not it can be trusted? In the light of the disastrous side-effects of some COVID-19 vaccines, you'll understand my concern.

    We agree that not all GM crops are bad. Can we agree that some are, or at least may be, very bad indeed?

  18. Unknown, if GMO foods were A-OK and the intentional DNA changes are not nefarious, our government would authorize proper labeling of all GMO foods so the shopper can make a personal choice? If I don't want frog leg lettuce, I would be able to make that choice. Now, I can't because the parent companies and rebranding without labeling makes that impossible.

    We can label smokes with all sorts of warnings, but labeling GMO food is forbidden. Why?

  19. You cannot know what a GM crop does at this point. Just like the !vax: you can only know what is said by the producer.

    What is said != what is true.

    As there are zero financial risks to GMO producers beyond if a product is allowed in an area or not there is no negative reinforcement mechanism.

    You as a human now have to exercise your brain to a greater degree in order to continue to exist outside the hive.

  20. Sometime ago I finished reading Michael Snyder's " 7 Year Apocalypse" which addresses much of what is happening in terms of the end of days. Are we entering the end of days as spoken of in the bible? Only the Father knows. It may not be the end of days but it sure will feel that way for many folks in the near future.

    We are well stocked with 4 full freezers, a well stocked deep pantry and a couple dozen of white buckets sealed as well as a 6 month back up of freeze dried meals. Recently I decided we needed more stored away as a means to provide relief for those who will be in need. We bought 8 more white buckets and had gamma screw lids come with them. Filling them with vacuum sealed smaller packages of 1-2 pound packs of various beans, legumes, rice and grains. Also sealing up and storing smaller portions of Ramen, breakfast cereals 7 oatmeal packs, fruit & nut bars and even candy and gum and other treats. The idea is to be able to hand out one item from each bucket to help get folks by who are in need. They can also be used to keep us from popping the top on a bucket sealed with a regular lid with contents sealed in Mylar bags to supplement our deep pantry. Allowing us to keep the large quantity buckets sealed until needed.

    We try to keep 2-3 years of seeds vacuum sealed and stored and will purchase more this summer to replace what we planted this year. Purchase Suzanne Ashworth's book "Seed to Seed" to learn how to collect and save seeds. Plant anything and everything you including fruits and berries which will come back year after year. Take any spare money and purchase books on everything and anything because you won't be able to Google for info anytime soon. In fact purchase a couple of Peter's books while you are at it.

    We have at least 2 years supply of diesel for our tractor and gas stored for UTV's, ATV's and small engines as well as 2 years or more of premixed Trufuel & MotoMix oil & gas for our chain saws. Every time I go to town I top off my gas tank even if it is only a quarter of the tank down because I know gas is going to be more expensive next time I go. It is not too late to prepare, but now it is more expensive to prepare. Shop the bargains and the sales. Stretch your budget to the limits to prepare for the long term.

    There are times in life when you find yourself in a situation where you cannot be focused on winning, all you can focus on is surviving. We are entering such a time. Forget talk about saving the Republic and the Constitution which by the way I swore an oath to uphold twice in my life. The Republic and Constitution are long dead, but not forgotten. Put your energy in preparing to survive the coming apocalypse and be part of that remnant that can hopefully rebuild a better and brighter future.

  21. I can only find one item factually wrong, and it doesn't affect the outcome of the analysis:

    Novelist Ian Fleming had his James Bond character opine, "Once is happenstance; twice is coincidence; three times is enemy action".

    This quote belongs to Ian Fleming's character Auric Goldfinger.

  22. Generally in agreement, but regarding flu, we tested for that. We really did. Flu basically disappeared for 2 years. Those crappy paper and cloth masks do catch most droplets, which is how flu spreads, even if they don't do much against COVID. Masks and hand-washing prevents some diseases but not others, that's all. By the way, flu is back this spring, in a big way, and other respiratory viruses too. Seeing a lot of flu etc in the hospital.

    After your last article on this subject, I went out and bought 2 50-lb bags of corn, for $22 total. That's 50 days of very slim rations for 2 people. On top of the 10 lbs of oatmeal, and 15 lbs of rice we pretty much always have on hand. If the .gov is rationing food, this extra will go a long way to supplying basic calories, without looking like 'food' to most modern people. Putting in an extra-large garden this year too, corn, beans, potatoes.

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