A treat for Peter Sellers fans, if you’re quick

I note that the 1974 Peter Sellers comedy film “Soft Beds, Hard Battles” is currently on YouTube.  I’ve no idea how long it’ll stay there, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s good for a giggle.  Wikipedia describes it as follows:

Set in Nazi-occupied France, the story follows Major Robinson of the British Army. Installing himself at a Parisian brothel, he assists the French resistance and works with Madame Grenier and her girls who find themselves eliminating high ranking German officers (using ingenious rigged beds and killer flatulence pills) right under the noses of the Gestapo. The girls find themselves enlisted in the Free French Forces and finally help to foil Hitler’s plan to blow up Paris. They later receive medals from the French president.

Recommended viewing for Sellers fans.



  1. I could wish I liked Sellers more than I do. The story of the boost he gave to THE PRODUCERS (the original film) because he just happened to see a print before release and loved it tells me he was a true gent. I've liked the odd performance (loved him in THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN), but I always liked Herbert Lom better in the Pink Panther films ("And now he's going to Gstaad. Today, paradise in the Swiss Alps; tomorrow a wasteland!").


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