A truly magnificent rant. Bravo!

Iron Mike sounds off about the Antifa imbeciles, who insist on strutting their stuff in liberal and progressive strongholds against more conservative speakers.  It’s rude, in-your-face and anything but politically correct;  but it resonates with my own views, even if I wouldn’t put them quite as bluntly as he does.  Here’s an excerpt.

Alright ****sticks, this circus has gone on long enough and the audience has gotten tired of the clowns doing the same act for months on end. Your special snowflake brand of socialist revolution (black masks and tipped over trash cans) is sputtering out from underneath you. You’re not any more dedicated and disciplined at seeing this through than you were moving out of your parents’ guest bedroom after your “one semester off” 4 years ago. It’s time to take off the Doc Martins, wash your dreadlocks, remove the 9 facial piercings, and go get a job. You are not a revolutionary. You’re not changing the world. You WILL NOT win. All of your goals are stupid and you should do what you do best… quit. Until at least January 20th, 2020 Donald Trump is still going to be President; America is going to have a Capitalist, Market Economy; and working-class people are not going to fall in line with a bunch of spoiled middle-class college pussies LARP-ing as communist insurgents. Let me delve into this a bit deeper since all you chardonnay socialists clearly have a goddamn learning disorder… and no, your self-diagnosed ‘Autism’ does not make you “Neurodiverse”, it makes you a hand-flapping puddle of mush.

First of all, your stupid ******* beliefs are incoherent at best. Your little red & black flag of ‘Anarcho-Communism’ might as well be a ***damn Bat-Signal that you were on a first name basis with the driver of the short bus as a kid. Anarchism is the complete lack of formal government. Communism is the complete ownership of all property by the State and a state-planned central command economy. You’re telling me you want a world with no government, no private property, and a centralized distribution system to manage all wealth and material necessities? You idiots somehow came to the conclusion that these polar opposite concepts are somehow compatible, and that a bunch of dope smokers that congregated in online blog forums will bring about your imagined utopia by trashing a Starbucks? What the **** is wrong with you? With that level of brain damage, it’s like your mom tried to drown you as a baby in a bathtub full of bong water…

. . .

I could go on all day about how pathetic you all are and how your bullshit movement is just another way for you to escape the real world and your many, many, personal faults… but I have another message for you. Please get more violent. Please don’t learn anything from getting your asses kicked… and double down. Please, for the love of God, pick up an actual weapon and declare yourselves violent enemies of the state. Give us red-blooded Americans the justification to really give you what you’ve been asking for with your constant threats, arson, and violent outbursts. Let’s really turn this into an old-school Communist revolution! I dare you. I double dare you.

There’s much more at the link.  Go read, and enjoy.



  1. It's like he's been listening to the conversations at my house during the dinner hour … although we didn't quite use the same language. But I LOVE starting the day with a belly laugh, and Iron Mike provided it.

  2. Yeah…. There's plenty of us who are not ex-military but are supportive of our military and perfectly willing to defend our liberties and back guys like this. Yeah, I'm a permanent 4F. Doesn't mean I won't fight. I'm really tired of the nonsense from the left.

  3. The problem is that if these activities continue to be ALLOWED to exist, it will not hurt them, it will hurt the law abiding.

    First, they largely occur in venues controlled by leftists. Law enforcement, already being pilloried for use of force on a nationwide basis, has a significantly declined motivation to intervene. Combine that with the administration of the cities where these are occurring ordering law enforcement to stand back creates no real actual impediment to the rioters. They can dress in a way that used to be correlated with dangerous criminals (masks while perpetrating violent acts), and do all of their depredation with impunity.

    So, when it finally blows up, (and it does not matter what side strikes the match) and people tell government to "do something", what will happen. It is not like any new law is required; the existing are not even being enforced.

    No, what will happen is a contraction of the civil liberties of the law abiding, and with very strong calls for stringent gun control.

    All of this plays into the hands of those who love disorder as a mechanism to obtain and increase their own power and control.

    All of the rants about these idiots misses this dialectic. If/since they are not controlled early and put down HARD by law enforcement at the command of civil government, they do not lose, we do.

  4. That would be not until at least "January 20th, 2020", but instead until at least "January 20th, 2021"

    Unless, of course, the Rove Republican swill get their way before then…

  5. BFR is right. But that's only part of the problem. The riots are recruiting tools and training venues. Antifa and its ilk are cannon fodder; there are leaders and money behind them. But the ones who like fighting and who manage to evade arrest and survive will be smarter and more dangerous. There are veterans on the Left, some with combat experience who will train them.
    Don't take them lightly. The Democrat pols in every big city they control are tacitly or openly on the wrong side.

    The lesson they're drawing from Clinton's defeat is that they need to take a hard left turn.

    From Legal Insurrection today:
    href= "http://legalinsurrection.com/2017/04/elijah-cummings-sees-adam-schiff-barbara-lee-and-tim-kaine-as-rising-stars-of-dem-party/"> From Legal Insurrection this morning:

    The one sure thing about politics that this Insurrectionist has learned can be summed up in two words: “things change.” So just like James Carville, who was wrong when in 2009 he wrote a book predicting that Dems would rule for 40 more years, it would be a bad mistake for Republicans to gloat, rest on their laurels, or assume they’ll control both houses of congress for the foreseeable future.

    That said, the current sorry state of the Democrat party was put into sharp focus by Elijah Cummings on today’s Morning Joe. Asked by Donny Deutsch to mention three “up-and-coming stars in our party,” Dem Congressman Cummings named Adam Schiff, Barbara Lee, and Tim Kaine.

  6. BFR and Peter B have both hit the nail on the head.

    In my opinion, the last two lines of Iron Mike's rant is 10/12-year old's bravado that can get a lot of innocent people killed when it falls out of an adult's mouth. This opinion piece also doesn't offer intelligent ways to solve the problem. Answering their violence with more violence is, once again, in my opinion, adding fuel to the fire. I noted that the police in Alabama handled The Left in an intelligent manner by making them take off their masks. This meant that if they got stupid they could and were IDed. The vast majority of them wouldn't be involved with these violent protests if they didn't have someone sponsoring them. Follow the money and take care of the source/sources.

  7. It concludes with advice to sh*t or get off the pot. Not good, we don't want to mock protestors for their bad technique, or they might look around for more effective ones (or as Judy says add fuel to the fire). Boyd Kn

  8. Judy, Boyd, et al,

    The leftists/communists performing and guiding these actions will continue to amplify and increase unless there is pushback from the civil government.
    (They increasingly desire to be "going to guns". Witness the New Black Panther movement, and also this: https://bearingarms.com/bob-o/2017/04/20/after-berkeley-beat-down-antifa-wants-combat-training-guns/

    "Self-defense" or vigilantism plays right into their hands: it increase call for more stringent control, which only controls those who already obey the law. They already do not, and violate it with impunity. There is no downside to them for whatever they do if it provokes violence from "our side". They win if we do nothing or anything. The only winning strategy is for the civil government to command law enforcement to enforce the law.


  9. Sixty years ago, I took an oath to defend this country against all enemies, foreign or domestic. There was no time limit on that oath.

  10. If you defend yourself, the enemy wins!
    Is a stupid argument.

    First, it's demonstrably untrue. There have been many insurrections. Not one of them was ever defeated by letting the insurgence target civilians. Ever. But many have been defeated by civilians rising up against their would-be conquerers.
    Second, you are asking your nominal allies to surrender their God-given natural rights and live as helots. To which I say, "go $&-( yourself".

  11. The only time that self-defense is called for is when the civil order/civil government has collapsed. Unless and until that happens, as Christians we are called to obey the law. God has put government in place to "terrorize" those who perpetrate evil. It is a violation of His basic framework for human order to take the law into our own hands.

    If civil government is not present (as in an individual self-defense situation), then it is lawful by God and man to protect ourselves. That is not what is in play here.

    Going out with the intent to confront crowds of violent people is unwise, and it exacerbates the issue because you are then cooperating with the communist playbook. They thrive on disorder and use it as a lever to make government more controlling. Of who? Those who abide by the law in the first place. Every time there is a contraction in civil rights, the law abiding lose and the communists win.

    The tactics used here by those who are incensed by obvious evil are actions without a strategy. Tactics without strategy are, as Sun Tzu said, the sounds one hears prior to defeat.

    1. Show me the civil order or civil government in the mob beating of conservatives during the last decade.
      How many of the perpetrators faced justice?
      The conditions you describe are already here.
      We, as Christians, know that to every thing, there is a season. There is a time to submit to temporal authority, and there is a time to defend the innocent.

  12. Chardonnay socialists; I like that phrase. Can't wait to call one of them that and watch the face turn purple.

  13. Easiest way to stay out of barfights? Stay out of bars.

    Going to any of these events is inviting trouble. There is zero wisdom in it.

    If they come to your street, or your house, go inside and call the police.
    If they break into your house, then you should defend yourself.

    But, intentionally walking towards a crowd of people intent upon trouble, is asking for trouble. And like I said, they are counting on obtaining just that reaction. It works to their advantage.

    1. So, Milo should never go to another college, Ann Coulter should lock herself in her house and keep her mouth shut, and all the rest of us would be fools to do anything other than burrow deeper under our sheets, stick our fingers in our ears, and hope desperately that some *other* "fool" will be willing to risk his life and freedom to defend us, and our beloved nation, from these psychotic imbeciles? Lest we risk "trouble"…

      And if "trouble" finds us where we live, we should run away and call "the police" (aka "someone else…*any*one else!") so *they* can deal with the unpleasantness of cleaning up the bodies of the people we abandoned to these monsters as we "bravely ran away"? There is a stark distinction between prudent discretion and feckless cowardice. What you advocate is not "wisdom" but rather the very definition of vile, pusillanimous cowardice, scantily wreathed in a tattered veil of false prudence.

      You speak of "strategy," sir or madam; let's hear some of yours! What (aside from running away and preemptively declaring defeat) sort of action should be taken, in your opinion, when peaceful gatherings -like Milo's speech- are attacked by maniacs in masks, who pepper spray innocent women, and beat unarmed innocents with sticks? Lie down and wait for the sweet release of death? Watch and (like you, and those who agree with you) cluck "It's their own fault, the fools. They shouldn't have dared to exercise their First Amendment right to free speech at a university known for being the birthplace of the 'Free Speech Movement'… They brought this on themselves!" etc?

      Or do you *have* no suggestions, but only defeatist blather thinly disguised as concern? "Doing nothing" *is* an act, in and of itself. But "doing nothing" is at least better than trying to make yourself feel important by criticizing the people who *are* doing something!

      PS: these imbeciles are not "communists". They call themselves "anarcho-communists" (that is, anarchists…who are also communists. Yes. They are that stupid.)…a label that says everything about how intelligent and sane they are. And in any case, if the only way to prevent "communists" from winning in the USA is to abandon innocent citizens to the depredations of these savages? Well, in that case, the United States are already dead, and all bets are off.

       So either way, you're wrong. And in Berkeley, the "Civil Authority" (police) were commanded to do nothing as people were beaten, and potentially killed. So yes, the "Civil Authority" was *not* present, in fact.

      Mr. Grant, I apologize if I've been too bold or impolite in this comment. I simply cannot abide seeing the sort of deceitful, self-congratulatory, cowardly bile that "anonymous" is (in my opinion) engaged in here, going unchallenged.

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