A turtle???

I’m more than a little mind-boggled by this report.

The British expat who had [a] dead baby turtle inside her vagina, may have been a victim of a sexual assault, police said.

. . .

When doctors discovered the dead pet turtle — which caused a “serious infection” in her genitals — they called police last Saturday afternoon, fearing she was abused, ABC reported.

The unnamed woman told local police she was out partying with a group of British pals Thursday night in the area of Fañabé beach a few days earlier, but doesn’t remember what happened that night, according to El Pais.

She then started feeling sick over the next few days before going to the hospital.

The woman insisted she did not want authorities to pursue the strange incident further, and police have halted their investigation pending new information.

There’s more at the link.

I’m willing to bet that alcohol, illegal narcotics, and less-than-salubrious companions, all in large quantities, had a lot to do with that!  A turtle???  Really?

I suppose she might be a back-to-nature type, like some other “liberated” ladies (?) I’ve met.  In fact, this incident reminds me of the ecologically sensitive woman who wanted to use birth control, but was aware of the potential impact of drugs on her body.  She compromised by using only natural, unpurified pond water to swallow the Pill, hoping the former would offset the latter’s negative side-effects.

A few weeks later, she found out she was stagnant.



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