A useful kitchen chart


Have you ever run out of salad dressing just before you needed it?  I have, and I sometimes haven’t had time to get to the shops, because of cooking other things.

Here’s a handy chart to show you how to make your own salad dressings in case of need.  Click the image for a larger view.

Tasty stuff.



  1. Had a salad at work. Normally there are always dressings to put on it scattered around the break room.
    Nope. No such luck.
    But there were mustard packets from cafeteria, and honey packets from KFC.

    Honey-mustard to perfection, in about 30 seconds.

    Everybody should be an amateur saucier, and have the raw ingredients to hand.
    It makes eating put-by/survival food a lot more fun, and far less monotonous.
    Ask me how I know.

    One should know how to make ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, ranch, thousand island, tartar sauce, etc., from scratch.
    It's fun, and useful info.

  2. One of the PAs ate my lunch one night. I snuck into the squad room, pilfered 3 hard boiled eggs and some mayo, mustard and relish packets, and had myself a sandwich.

  3. Making your own apple cider vinegar is super easy too. Scraps And chunks of apples and filtered water are the only ingredients. Easy directions are found online. All you have to do is stir it every day for a month or so and TADA! Vinegar. Works with most any fruit. Great way to use up scraps or not quite perfect fruit. And the fresh non pasteurized stuff in the stores is very expensive for something that is basically free to make.

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