1. Seems to me that the name should be changed back to MOHEL.
    Looks like you could circumcise everyone within 20 miles.

  2. Military terms/names are always developed with the resulting acronyms considered. Not always with enough thought involved, though! (sometimes the acronym came first, although that stopped long ago, due to being PC)

  3. An old Mohel decided to save up the foreskins that he removed, and started selling a line of luggage made from them. You could buy a small bag for overnight travel, but if you expected to be gone longer and needed more room, you could just stroke the small suitcase a few times, and it'd turn into a full set of luggage in a moment.
    Cue hat trick.
    Be sure to tip your wait staff on the way out, and I'll be back to lurking next week…
    Wandering Neurons

  4. heh.

    More likely the 'expeditionary' was added because its a military funding buzzword – like 'blockchain' or 'nano' is today. If its not expeditionary then it has less chance of development being funded.

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