A visual definition of Internet discussion forums


I recently came across this Foxes In Love comic from February 6 this year.  It made me laugh.  Click the image for a larger view at the comic’s Web page.

I must admit, that’s one of the best pictorial depictions of Internet discussion and chat groups I’ve ever seen!



  1. I was looking for some info on a machinist forum recently. OMG! I haven't been there for maybe 10 years. The owner used to enforce civility. Personally attacking another member was a no-go. Now, it appears to be like a free-for-all in that regard. Really disappointed in the atmosphere. Like a bunch of teen girls. Maybe he sold the site?

    1. 1990s on a woodworkers forum. The name calling and personal attacks were out of control. Seriously, heated arguements over what handsaw to use.

      Anonymity calls forth the base emotions.

  2. Does he know my Wife? Butter, Peanut Butter, Jam. Everything gets the knife stuck right in the center, and then excavations begin.

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