A “war warning” from Michael Yon


Michael Yon is one of the relatively few journalists I respect highly.  He’s “walked the walk”, not just “talked the talk”, in an independent career that’s shown neither fear nor favor in his pursuit of the truth about people and situations.  He became a legend in the military community for his reporting from Iraq and Afghanistan in the early 2000’s.  He’s made his share of mistakes, IMHO, but he’s also gone after stories the hard way, exposing himself to danger in the process (unlike many so-called “journalists” who merely listen to others who’ve “been up the sharp end” and report what they hear, but never go there themselves).

He’s been warning for the past year and a half that we’re facing a growing crisis in the USA, a deliberate onslaught that threatens democracy and our constitution.  He’s just repeated that warning, with renewed emphasis.  I think his warning needs to be disseminated as widely as possible.  Bold, underlined text is my emphasis.

Keep adjusting your world view until you no longer are surprised. If you are surprised by this, try adjusting your paradigm to something like, “This has nothing to do with health. The Beast is using information war to destroy our military. And more. Defund the Police. Is a hostile takeover. Opening the borders is a hostile takeover. Breaking the economy is a hostile takeover. The Beast is setting conditions for authentic genocide.”

If you try my current paradigm for just a week, you be unsurprised at ships off the coast unable to unload, forced jabs with untested chemicals into children’s arms.

. . .

Because my paradigm has been amazingly accurate on general predictions. There are huge numbers of people out there still rushing for boosters who either never heard of things like ivermectin and Regeneron, or their paradigms are so primitive that they believe that my avoiding the untested chemicals, and going for the highly tested and probably highly efficacious FLCCC protocols, is a political statement.

. . .

I avoid most specific predictions such as “what is the spark?” I look at Conditions, and use the paradigm to predict future Conditions. Because I keep tweaking my paradigm to fit new information.

We are under attack. That is my paradigm. Under my paradigm, we will go into civil war, and The Beast will make a naked stab at genocide. The Beast is laying genocide traps everywhere. And those tech giant owners — if they think they will be running the show, they are fools. The Beast will use them up and finally show them that real power flows out of the barrel of a gun. The Beast will take their companies and their lives.

. . .

PanFaWar: Pandemic, Famine, War. If you get a big dose of any one of these, you will get the other two. You can find plenty of examples in history books. In the Bible, for that matter. Our ancestors knew this.

In this case, the real Pandemic is false and coercive information.

I’ve seen many people surprised that they were being fired by military, police, fire departments, media. Or they say they think the powers that be will see the light. They already do see the light. You WILL be fired in many cases. In some cases, resistance will work.

But the idea is not to defund police ‘to end brutality.’ The idea is to empower real terrorists — who will own the military, intelligence apparatus, police, and more. Remember Obama saying don’t worry about metadata? Metadata is a large part of your recent life history. We kill people with metadata. I personally saw this many times in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s super easy.

Yes, they will ditch all the SEALs if they can get away with it. They already coerced military officers and NCOs to persuade people that women should be allowed into Ranger school and infantry, saying standards would never be dropped. The Beast lies. And The Beast finds people with medals who will lie for it, or it hands out medals to people who will do Bidding of the Beast.

Try my paradigm for a week. Look around. Does what you see make sense under my paradigm? There could be alternative explanations. We must adjust our collective paradigm until we are no longer surprised, and can predict what The Beast will do next. Because either we beat The Beast, or it will kill us.

Remember all my livestreams and posts in February 2020, when I was saying in clear terms that the life you once knew is over. 2019 is dead. We will never return to 2019 ‘normal.’ The faster you can adjust to knew conditions, the better off your family will be.

And I would say many times in early 2020, that 2020 will be something most of us never experienced, and 2021 will be an entirely new world. I said this many times. And I will say this — 2021 is just a warm up. 2022 will be far more intense.

You are at war. Ready or not.

There’s more at the link.

Friends, I’ve tried very hard in these pages, over the past couple of years, to convey the reality of what we’re facing.  I’ve succeeded in some areas, not in others.  The thing is, after seeing the November 2020 election stolen through fraudulent means, and after seeing the “Big Brother”-style, domineering enforcement of an ideology over all Americans by not just undemocratic but anti-democratic means over the past two years (including the last year of President Trump’s term), there are still many who refuse to face reality.

The reality is this:



That’s the essence of Michael Yon’s warning, and it’s the essence of what I’ve been trying to convey here.

We are facing a cold-blooded, deliberate attempt to end our constitutional and democratic way of life, and replace it with an oligarchical socialist dictatorship.  The COVID-19 pandemic is being used as a primary tool to accomplish this purpose.

Those behind this attempt will not scruple to use any and every means at their disposal, up to and including mob violence, political and ideological persecution, the usurpation of the rule of law, and the destruction of our economy.  These are all evils to us – but they are no more to them than tools to be used to accomplish their objectives.

The mainstream news media are no longer trustworthy.  Almost without exception, they’re either parroting the “party line”, or (if not actively supporting it) ignoring anything contrary to the “party line”.  They are no longer disseminating “news”.  They are disseminating what the powers that be want us to believe.  The social media giants are not only doing the same, they’re actively censoring and discouraging the spread of any alternative viewpoint, even if those viewpoints can be proved to be factually correct.  Ideology has trumped reality, from that perspective.

We need to prepare for political, social, economic and cultural hardship, perhaps hardship so great as to constitute war-like conditions.  That’s the reality staring us in the face right now.  You can choose not to believe that, if you wish:  but it won’t stop that reality from happening to you, whether you believe it or not.  It is already happening to thousands of people who are losing their jobs and their careers because they refuse to submit.

As part of our preparations, we need to consider not only practical issues like building up emergency supplies, equipping ourselves to defend our loved ones and property, and so on:  we also need to adjust our mindset.  We can no longer blindly assume that “the government” is doing its best to help us.  If you doubt that, just look what “the goverment” has done to our economy and society over the past couple of years!  Helpful?  Yeah, right!  Instead, we need to see “the government” as yet another tool in the hands of those seeking to dominate and dictate to us how we should live and what we should believe.  In their eyes, government is not our servant:  it is our master.  Furthermore, government is not their master, but their puppet, something they control and use to carry out their program and do their bidding.

We can see this clearly in how they’re using government to manipulate us through threats and enticements, punishments and blandishments.  You won’t get the COVID-19 vaccination?  Then, in many states, prepare to be shut out of society, denied advanced medical care, prevented from earning a living – even forbidden to use shops, public transport, etc.  Yet . . . compare and contrast this dictatorial usurpation of democracy with states such as Florida and Texas, which are taking a firm stand against such measures.  Which states are floundering, economically speaking, and which are flourishing?

The old proverb tells us, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”.  Which policies are producing something worth eating?  The very fact that the powers that be are trying to shut down such independent measures in Florida and Texas says it all.  They can’t afford to allow us to see for ourselves what works, and what doesn’t;  what promotes the well-being of society, and what stifles it.

As Mr. Yon says:  “You are at war.  Ready or not.”



  1. Moving to either Florida or Texas is my preferred approach right now. Making the plans to get us out in the short/mid-term.

  2. Yeah, timely to say the least. Shortly I will follow the link to Yon's posting. I need to add him to my daily roundup of sites. Peter Grants site is within the top 5 I visit daily. And, there are few more than 5 and no msm anywhere.
    OT. Finished Dorothy's latest novel. Way fun it was. 5 stars if course. She may be giving you a run for your money and acclaim as a writer. I do hope she will extend this trilogy into a LONG series of novels. I am also working my way through the RCN series by Drake. That one is fun too, and runs on for a lot of novels. Now, this is something Dorothy could do, just as you have with some of your universes. We here in reading land are waiting to spend our money!
    Keep up the skeer…

  3. This has been coming ever since Nov 20202. It's all part of their plan.
    Things are not looking good for this winter if you live anywhere near a big city.

    Most security experts say that food will become scarce in 2- 3 days in cities (less if no police?), and then thugs will start fanning out into the surrounding areas.

    Should be spicy time in the big metro area suburbs. But I don't worry about where we live in NC.

  4. Buy unusual stuff. You should have food and medical supplies stored away, not to mention defensive stuff.

    By unusual stuff think of sandbags, steel plate, cooking and heating fuel.

    Think outside the box. MRE's are not a solution. They are a stopgap.

  5. Peter, at this point I'm unsure that pointing out the simple truth of "We're at war" is going to worm it's way through all the lies and deceptions that most people are surrounded with for their entire day. Not saying that it shouldn't be said, it should and you're one of the best that I read at doing so.

    At this point, I think those that are going to see it have and are doing whatever it is they think necessary. Those that haven't never will, and they'll be dependent on the tender mercies of our government for their survival. There are a small number who may still see clearly in time, but that number is so small as to be nonexistent and time is almost out.

    Every day, I evaluate the data that I tap into from various sources, knowing that each has it's own agenda. I have to figure out that agenda in order to turn that data into information I and my family can use to prepare for what's coming. For most people, that's too much work.

    I think back to the country I grew up in and I can't help but be amazed that we've allowed ourselves to get into this predicament.

  6. It's inevitable, but the parental protests and the general dislike of the Biden administration with "that chant" has given me hope that it can be postponed.

  7. WAY too many people are stuck in "normalcy bias" these days. They can't see the historical similarities that are staring them in the face. They don't want to hear about gathering extra food and water. They don't think they need a gun, or more ammo, or a holster for the gun they have, or any sort of planning for when things go sideways. Too focused on toys and other distractions. Or, they are buried in work trying to catch up, and not looking around.

    Three types of people: they make things happen, they see things happen, or they ask: what the heck happened? Almost all fall into the 3rd group. Clueless.

    How can one get them to pay attention?

    1. Well it's an irrelevant question, Will. Simple fact: roughly 20% of a population are engaged for revolution, 20% are engaged against, and 60% are just sitting around on the sidelines. You can't worry about them. You're apparently in the 20% so do what you know to do. The 69% sheep will follow once it's clear who's winning.

  8. I am in Texas. It is going to be a fight here as well. Millions of useful idiots to support these tyrants mixed with Burt and Karen normies. Gird your loins men shits about to get real up in here. Not particularly religous but praying God smiles on our efforts

  9. Yep, sure feels like the last bits of calm before the storm so let's use it to be fully prepped. The Regime is pushing all tje buttons to rile up patriotic Americans w the aim to provoke a violent response as justification for absolute power. Let them start it. Watch for false flags.

  10. My family and I are moving to Florida as soon as we can. DeSantis needs to stay put, because this war will be fought by the free states against the corrupt feds and their owners. We need warriors like him on our side at the state level. I wish Abbott were a bit less wobbly. If he were, we might have considered Texas over Florida. But he's not quite the man DeSantis is.

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