A well lubricated police force?

I had to laugh at this report.

Rats are responsible for drinking 900,000 liters of booze confiscated by police in … the city of Patna, in the [Indian] state of Bihar …

The alcohol was being stored and guarded by police having been confiscated over the last 13 months but has vanished.

Despite the police maintaining the city’s rats drank their way through the vast supply, Manu Maharaaj, a senior police superintendent, has ordered an inquiry. He reportedly suspects it was drunk or sold off secretly by corrupt policemen.

There’s more at the link.

Rats drank 237,755 US gallons of booze?  Dang, those little buggers must have been thirsty – and I don’t want to know what a rat hangover feels like!

I suspect Mr. Maharaaj is closer to the truth than those blaming the rats . . .



  1. Wow, all that wonderful booze wasted on rodents. < wink wink > Is it over the line to say "Why, those rat bastards!" ?

  2. That is a HUGE amount by volume – I have to wonder if the amount grew in translation. If it were in a single tank (excluding packaging volume), it would cover over 4,000 square feet and be 8 feet high.
    It would be more likely to be 9,000 liters than 900,000 liters!

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